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I don't know about your but the New Year always makes me want to make a bit of a fresh start when it comes to my home and interiors. I know they talk about Spring Cleaning but I'm always all about New Years cleaning and decluttering and getting rid of any negative spaces that are bringing me down. Now there is a huge misconception that when it comes to a home, whether that be a house or flat, that it's going to cost a lot of money to make any improvements, well that simply isn't the case. You don't need any major upgrades to make it feel refreshed so I thought I would share a few simple ways to make changes in your home that will with no doubt be positive ones.

1. Be a Minimalist

The movement towards less is more is really here to stay and not just a fad. As our lives are getting continually busy and manic, having a declutters and simplified home is key to feeling calmer and less overwhelmed. Also as we see an increasing issue with plastic, packaging and excess stuff now is the time to minimalise your home as well as investing in things that can be reused. Here are a few reasons why the miminalist lifestyle may help you

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2. Fresh coat of Paint

One of the easiest and most economical way to refresh a room is to give it a new coat of paint and it's surprising how it can really transform a space. Going for a lighter shade can also make your home feel bigger and brighter and opting for white can also compliment a more minimalist interior. If you decide on doing it yourself make sure to start off with the smaller rooms first such as a bathroom and hallway that way you should get the hang of it before taking on larger spaces such as a living room.

3. Organise your closet

As with tip number one an organise closet can make you feel more on top of things as well as give you time to focus on de-cluttering your wardrobe and donating any clothes you have not worn for a year to a charity shop or if in very good condition why not make a little money and sell them on places like ebay. This will also help you free up some space.


4. Review your energy and gas

I always thought I was really on top of my Gas and Electric bill but last year I noticed our monthly bill kept creeping up and up despite not using any more. I know there are always plenty of adverts on doing price comparisons but it's so worth it as I did one and found an ethical provider that saved me around £500 for the year! Thats a huge savings and money I can put towards home improvements.

5. Set some DIY projects

I'm not talking about any huge DIY projects but something small like upcycling some old chairs or updating your light fixtures. When we moved into our home the previous owners left a metal and glass outside table which had gone a little rushy but after a day of sanding down and re-painting and cleaning up the glass it looks fantastic and we often enjoy brunches outside during the summer.

6. Get rid of those pests

It really doesn't matter who clean and hygienic your home is you can still have issues with pests and I talk from experience. In the UK most of the issues are down to spiders, ants and rodents although growing up in warmer climates we had things like Arizona scorpions to deal with, lucky not an issue in Wales. A few years back we had to call pest control out as we live next to a beautiful river but unfortunately that did attract rodents who seemed to be getting into our kitchen via a few holes in our kitchen extension that had be done before we purchased the property. Luckily the issue was resolved but it's important to keep on top of so if you start noticing things like droppings, markings or an increase in insects etc take action rather than waiting for it to get worse.

7. Try a new layout

If you are starting to feel in a bit of an interior rut then why not re-evaluate your current layout and consider changing it to make spaces feel more flowing and spacious. It can be a bit of trial and error although that can be half the fun of it. By making simple changes from just moving a couch or sofa can really change the whole feel of a room.

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8. Bring in Nature

Most people are aware of the popularity of houseplants over the past few years and there are some many positive benefits to bring more nature into your home. As well as being visually appealing, houseplants are also know to improve air quality, help you breath easier as well as being good for both your mental and physical wellbeing. Here is a great article on 5 health benefits of house plants.

At the end of the day it really doesn't need to cost you loads to make your home feel refreshed going into 2019 as well as making it a more sustainable home and hopefully increasing the value a little along the way too.


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  1. Some really helpful ideas here, Laura! I'm all for having a de-clutter in the near year and a fresh lick of paint on the walls. Happy New Year! Angharad X

    1. Me too and it's an easy budget friendly way to feel refreshed going into the New Year

      Laura x

  2. We have just redecorated and now I want to change the furniture LOL

    1. Do it!! A change can be a good thing although obviously within budget

      Laura x

  3. Love this article - we're definitely trying to declutter, and want to give our kitchen a much needed lick of paint. House plants is BIG on my list this year too - we have some artificial trees in our lounge that I love but I'd like more LIVING plants.

    1. Yes to decluttering - you will feel so much better for it!! Also yes to house plants

      Laura x

  4. I definitely want to make changes in our home in 2019, and there's loads of great tips here! I think the closet is the best place for me to start, it's out of control

    1. Yay so glad you found this helpful Zena and I hope it all goes well for you in 2019


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