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Ibiza, for many people the first thing that comes to mind is "party town" and yes in summer that is very much the case but the cooler months are completely different and locals back this up with many of them recommending visiting the Island in winter and here is why.  

1. Less crowded and more relaxing

I won't beat around the bush here, Summer in Ibiza is very busy and crowded, mainly with a younger crowd but the same cannot be said for the off-season months appeal to a different crowd, those who want to explore the island and take in the fantastic natural landscapes and sunsets as well as relax, in peace. Going off-season also allows you to soak up the local charm and heritage the island has to offer. 

2. Mangable temperatures

In the summertime temperatures easily rise above 30 degrees and for many, this can be quite taxing, especially if you want to get out and explore the island. During the off-season temperatures are still warm and sunny but are a more comfortable 18-24 degrees, making long trips to the market or hitting one of the hiking trails a far more enjoyable experience. 

3. More affordable

You can grab great deals on flights, travel and hotels during the off-season with many accommodations offering special discounts. It's also easier to avoid the over-priced tourist restaurants and take time to discover local gems. 

Ibiza old town

How to get to Ibiza

While flying is of course the most direct route it's not the only one and if you have time, the journey down can be quite an adventure and you can get to the island without even stepping on a plane. Here are your options.

1. A direct flight from London to Ibiza on a commercial airline takes around 2hrs 30mins and an array of both budget and mid-level islands fly from London as well as other airports across the UK.

2. The quickest no-fly option is to take the train from London to Barcelona and then the ferry from Barcelona to Ibiza, the whole journey takes around 2days, with the ferry being anywhere between 8-14hrs, one option is taking the overnight ferry and booking yourself a cabin and arriving well rested. Man in Seat 61 gives a great rundown of what you need to book for this option. 

3. If you fancy driving and taking the dog along with you, you can drive down to Dénia in Spain and take the quickest of the ferry routes over to the island with the ferry being just under 3hrs, this would probably be my option moving forward now that I love to bring my dog along for the ride. 

4. There is of course for the high flyers out there or business travellers or perhaps a group of friends celebrating a big event and wanting to go all out, taking a private jet from somewhere like Biggin Hill Airport could be a real option. Going private is by far the quickest option as it also means much less time spent checking in and you would only need to arrive around 15-20mins before departure, the flight itself matches those of commercial airlines from London, coming in at around 2hr 30 actual flying time. If you fancy really arriving in style then click here to book a private jet from London to Ibiza and start planning your trip now and this could be the cherry on the cake if you are heading to the island as part of a larger family or friend group. 

Ibiza sunset

What else makes Ibiza unique in winter. 

1. Almond blossoms 

Did you know that there are almond trees all over the island and when they come out to bloom in pretty white and light pink it can be a truly magical sight. The best time to see this is between January - March. It's also recommended to see them in the light of the full moon, when the flowers take on a silver-white glow. 

2. The Winter sunsets

Did you know that the sea and sky have a much wider spectrum of colours in the winter, making Ibiza's winter sunsets are actually even more spectacular in the cooler months. 

3. Visit the walled city of Dalt Vila.

Located right in the heart of the city centre, the best way to experience the walled city is by getting lost among the cobblestone streets and climbing to the top of the monument castle, something which can be rather unenjoyable in the summer when it's too hot. 


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