Peter Pan at The Sherman Theatre, Cardiff


Peter Pan

Watching live performances, good or bad and the excitement and electric atmosphere you only get at the Theater is something that never gets old. Over the years I've seen some fantastic productions and others leaving a lot to be desired but luckily that has never been the case at The Sherman Theatre, a fantastic homegrown theatre in the heart of Cardiff which creates and curates amazing shows. 

So when I had the chance to review Peter Pan at The Sherman over the festive period this year, I jumped at the chance, especially with such a talented and diverse cast, I knew they would bring a new dynamic to this classic family story and Catherine Dyson's adaptation does a great job of doing so as it offers up an offbeat twist, stepping away from Disneyesque cliches to a strange and wondrous place. 

This joint production between The Sherman & Theatre Lolo & supported by the talents of NoFit State Circus is a family-friendly delight suitable for for 7yrs+ and is both engaging and entertaining. It's hard to categorise such a production that is part musical theatre, part acrobatics & part comedy, packed with catchy songs and thrilling flying sequences that capture that sense of childhood imagination. The costumes and set design are equally impressive and the constant movement through dance, song and circus means all ages are engaged throughout. 

Peter Pan

The production does however touch on the topics of separation, loss, adolescence as well as the great, frustrating and exhausting parts of motherhood. Despite depicting, at times, traditional views of parenthood there is also a step away from gender stereotypes which is something personally I love to see. The use of play when it comes to gender roles and swapping them in a way that isn't making a point of doing so but rather "why not" because of course anyone can be a pirate or a warrior, especially in Neverland. 

For a small cast, they all effortlessly shapeshift their way through the story, with Rebecca Killick and Keiron Self playing multiple roles with ease and Owen Alun really stands out as Tink. I cannot wait to see what the lead Rebecca Hayes (Peter Pan) and Emily Burnett (Wendy) do next in their exciting and flourishing careers

Peter Pan

This really isn't Peter Pan as you know it but you will still find the adventure and childhood wonder that goes along with it. The production is around 2hrs 20min with one interval and is suitable for 7yrs + although it's equally great for a child-free night out too. 

Peter Pan is on show at The Sherman Theatre in Cardiff until the 6th of January 2024

Peter Pan

*I was kindly invited to review Peter Pan at The Sherman Theatre, my words are 100% my own 

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  1. We went to this and it was excellent, great for all ages! Love The Sherman


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