Beat the Cold: Adventurous Winter Date Ideas


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The winter season can be a magical time of year, filled with cosy movie nights with family and friends and hot chocolate, yes it is a lot colder but despite the drop in temperature, it's still a great time for adventure seekers. If you are looking for some active or outdoor ideas that go beyond a brisk winter walk then hopefully this blog post will give you some inspiration.  Don't let the cold weather keep you from having fun with family, friends or on your own – embrace it and get ready for some exciting winter date ideas!

Have hot chocolate in the woods 

My kids and I love heading out into the woods with our Ghillie kettle 0 similar to a Kelly Kettle, getting the small (and very controlled) fire going and heating up water for a warming hot chocolate out in nature, we do this every winter and it's something we really look forward too. If you don't have a camping stove or kettle then just take a flash out with you and a picnic blanket to sit on, you will surprised how fun it is.

Try cold water swimming

 Most people by now have heard about the benefits of cold water swimming and the colder the better, however, this is something that takes getting use to and needs to be approached with some level of caution. There are groups up and down the country that are open to beginners such as mental health swims and as with anything to do with swimming outdoors, safety in numbers. If you don't fancy heading in thre sea or river this time of the year, many spas and health retreats now offer ice tubs for you to have a dip in and get that adrenaline pumping.  

cold water swimming

Hit the Slopes even if they are artificial ones

While except for Scotland, in most of the UK you cannot guarantee snow but that doesn't mean you can't get out on the slopes and either learn a new skill our touch up on your skiing and snowboarding abilities. Most cities have artificial slopes, Cardiff my local city does and places like Tamworth have great indoor facilities using "real" snow. There are of course 5 ski slopes open annually in Scotland so that is always an option. However, it would be dreamy to be able to go skiing in Utah is a must-try for any adventurous couple, with its world-renowned ski resorts and stunning mountain views, it's no wonder Utah is known as the ski capital of the United States.

Tick off a bucket list Winter hike

Who says hiking is only for the warm months? Bundle up in your warmest winter gear and hit the trails with your loved one. Winter hikes offer spectacular views of snow-covered landscapes and peaceful solitude away from the crowds. Places like Pen Y Fan in South Wales is stunning this time of the year with it's snow-capped peaks.

Research some nearby hiking trails and plan a day trip to explore together. Make sure to bring plenty of snacks, water, and a camera to capture the beautiful scenery along the way.

Pen Y Fan
Pen Y Fan in South Wales in the winter

Embrace the Cold

Instead of hibernating indoors during the winter months, embrace the cold with your family, pets or even significant other by trying out one of these adventurous date ideas. Whether it's hitting the slopes or cuddling up by the fire after an exciting day, these winter activities will make you enjoy the colder season more.

So bundle up, have fun, and don't be afraid to venture outside of your comfort zone – you never know what amazing experiences await! Keep exploring together and making the most of this magical time of year.

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