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Thinking about updating your interior spaces, maybe you have one room, in particular, you are working on? For me, it's my lounge and then my kitchen, both of which need new flooring. My lounge is carpeted and ever since we moved in I have always wanted to replace the carpet especially as it's starting to look old no matter how much I clean it so I have started to explore options when it comes to flooring. 

A lot of people are beginning to see and hear the benefits of having luxury vinyl flooring which is more affordable than some of the other options while proving an increasing level of satisfaction and security for homeowners who want a great look on top of low maintenance for their lifestyle, which is what you want when you have kids. It is viewed as a very reliable and budget-friendly product over real hardwoods and stone styled flooring and provides many benefits on top. As I love interior design but have to work to a small budget, I thought, after researching the options,  I would share why luxury vinyl flooring could be the right decision as it's something I am considering for my lounge. 


Vinyl flooring does not require a professional to install the tiles or planks in a majority of cases (although of course if you feel you rather have a professional fit it that's fine too). It is as simple as glueing down or clicking together whichever choice you go for, which is just fine for those who love to get their hands on a little afternoon DIY project.

As each section can be cut to specifics, it saves on cutting yourself and any leftover waste resulting in a finely placed floor placement. Karndean click vinyl flooring is a durable and highly resistant product against stains, scratches, and water damage due to various manufactured stain and water safeguards as well as anti-scratch - vinyl flooring is secure and a long term investment. Typically, vinyl flooring is not left requiring any replacement of tiles or planks or having to cover up any embarrassing accidents that would affect other flooring options. It is a product designed for ease.

wood flooring


If your home design is modern, new age or has a touch of a classic, you can match the floor to pretty much anything you are wanting to achieve with it. You could go from light or dark natural wood to a strong statement in stone. You can find endless styles and palettes to suit the mood of each room or change things up by having multiple flooring styles throughout the house giving each room its uniqueness. With luxury vinyl flooring, whatever look you are wanting to achieve will be just as good if not better than the real thing and compliment your lifestyle to match.


With those colder nights coming into effect, it would be worth adding underfloor heating as the perfect companion for vinyl flooring. Whether it is for a bedroom, a children's bedroom, a bathroom, or a living room space, you can have nights of warmth and comfort. No cold floors greet you in the middle of the night and no raising panels or tiles due to temperature changes. As the weather changes from hot nights to cold rainy evenings, your floor will stay solid all year round and not allow moisture to ruin the look of your home.


Some flooring you can lay down with very little experience or skills, as long as you are practical and happy to learn on the job and put in the work although it's also important to recognise when it's beyond your skill level and to hire a professional to do the job. Another factor to bear in mind when it comes to flooring is needing to hire a skip of your planning on pulling old or existing flooring up, of course, if you're doing a small space you may get away with a few trips to your local tip or recycling centre but for larger spaces, you do need to allocate a budget for skip hire

Bringing Karndean Click vinyl flooring into your home is not only a safe step but also a smart and long-lasting move into having your home your way for a satisfactory life. If you want reliable flooring throughout all seasons that provides better quality of life, choose luxury vinyl flooring, of course for this you will also need to think about getting a small skip to take away any old flooring. I also have a blog post about redecorating your bedroom on a budget, do check it out if you found this post interesting. 

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