14 Essentials to pack when Travelling With Kids


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If you are anything like me then your often pack in a rush or wishing you had started earlier so having a packing list is really important especially as I hate taking anything unnecessary especially when travelling with kids as you can really feel the extra weight (as a parent I usually end up carrying their stuff as well as mine). 

 There are however a few essential items that really do make travelling with kids easier and less stressful and that's what you really want on a family holiday or mini-break away. So here are 10 essentials to grab before heading off on a family trip. 

1) Snacks, ALL the Snacks!

Snacks are a must-have when you have children and never underestimate the power of snacks. You never know when they will get hungry while travelling and when they do you will know about it as kids can quickly become "hangry" or impatient if they need to wait until the next mealtime. Be sure to pack plenty of snacks in your suitcases such as snack bars, banana cake and crackers.

2) Water Bottles

Be sure to bring along water bottles for everyone in your family when travelling. If you are staying at a hotel, there may be drinkable water available from the faucets. Even if you're just heading out on a day trip, going on a hike or visiting nature spots during your trip then don't forget to root through the kitchen cabinet under the sink and pull out those water bottles. Make sure that all members of your party have their reusable water bottles.

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3) Travel Utensils

If you are going on a long road trip then some travel utensils can really come in handy. If you planning on making stops along your road trip to stretch your legs and refuel then reusable utensils are a must as they are pocket friendly, zero waste and are much better than quality than cheap single-use ones. 

4) Paper Towels

Paper towels are essential when travelling with kids and are a more sustainable option than wet wipes. If you have a child still learning how to use the bathroom, paper towels can come in handy for cleaning up messes that may be made on themselves or their clothes during the trip.

5) Foldable reusable Bag

A small foldable bag (a waterproof one would be even better) that you can pop into your backpack or handbag is a great item to have on hand when travelling with kids. You may need something to carry dirty or wet clothes, as well as swimsuits and towels or in my case random sticks and pebbles the kids have picked up on their travels. 

6) A First Aid Kit

Kids are accident-prone, which means you will need to have some first aid supplies on hand when travelling. You never know if your child may fall or get hurt during the day's activities.

7) Sunscreen

Sun protection is significant when travelling. It's easy to get caught up in the excitement of exploring a new place, but if you plan with sunscreen, your whole family will be able to enjoy themselves without worrying about harmful UV rays or sunburns.

8) Sunglasses

As adults, we always pack sunglasses for ourselves although on average children actually get more sun exposure than adults so protecting their eyes from UV rays is equally as important, especially if you're heading off to somewhere warm.

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9) Hand Sanitiser

If the only bathroom available has no soap for washing hands, having some hand sanitisers can make things much more manageable. Kids often don't understand why they can't eat or drink something after touching it, so having these on hand to keep germs at bay is essential for maintaining safety and health.

10) Headphones

If your going to be driving for a few hours and your children are bringing tablets or audiobooks then a set of headphones is really useful as not everyone may want to hear what the other person is listening to. 

11) Activity books

Thin, light, paperback activity books can be a real boredom buster for kids and if they have a story as well they double up as a bedtime book which can help bring some routine even when travelling. 

12) Pen and paper

Even if you are taking tablets or handheld game consoles you would be surprised how even children get bored or want a change and having pen and paper on hand gives them a space to write, journal, draw and doodle and encouraging art on the go is never a bad thing. 

13) One favourite toy or plush

If your child has a particular toy or plushie that helps them to settle or gives them reassurance then yes it's definitely worth letting them bring it with them. While I don't get in the habit of allowing my kids to bring every toy they like they can bring their favourite one with them. 

14) Coffee (for the adults)

Coffee is a necessity for some parents. To feel awake and alert during the day, you will need caffeine. Pack your favourite coffee mug or thermos so that you can have access to this pick-me-up at any time of the day.

Having the right items on hand will make it easier for parents to travel with their families. If you travel fairly frequently you could even create a small storage space with some of these essentials in it ready to go, making packing even less stressful. What are your must have's when travelling with kids? 

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