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European style

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Many of us have not been able to travel or visit friends and family as much as we normally would over the past year or so and I know I've been missing that European city feel that is far more prominent on the continent and who wouldn't want to bring a touch of the French Riviera or Italian countryside into their home? I know I do and it doesn't need to be big or drastic changes but small subtle interior design additional can create that laid back stylish European look into your home. 

Wall Art

One of the easiest ways to create a sense of wanderlust and capture that European feel is to display your travel photography from your favourite destinations and why not opt for larger black and white prints of places like Paris, Berlin and Rome. If you don't have any photographs of your own there are some fantastic prints on places like Etsy

Wall art

Wood flooring

The majority of European homes have either wooden or stone tile flooring and adds to that clean, light and chic feel so if your looking to upgrade a room that has a tired and old carpet now could be the time to go for something new. Going for a herringbone pattern for example not only has a minimalist Scandi feel but at the same time brings more character and age to a room as well as make it feel more welcoming. You can also warm up hard surfaces by adding rugs. Changing your flooring can completely transform a space and bring a whole new feel to your home, yes it can be pricey although shopping around and doing your research first can help bring down the cost.



Windows in old European buildings are decorations and works of art in themselves and you too can create a statement piece with yours. The obvious choice is to go for beautiful shutters which are a staple across Europe and add a beautiful touch to any home as well as increase security. I would always recommend having bespoke shutters made for your windows so you can ensure they are the right fit and this is pretty easy to do, many websites offer easy to follow guides and videos to show you how to do this at every step from measuring up your windows to ordering and installing your window shutters yourselves, which is pretty easy to do and saves you some money while adding a touch of luxury to your home. Shutters are also a great investment as they last much longer than blinds and curtains and instantly give you that European feel. 

bathroom tiles


Beautiful bathroom and kitchen tiles have long been a staple to classic European homes and it's something that is growing in popularity here as well. Ceramic tiles are the perfect way to add some colour and visual enhancement to any room. You could opt for dark blue and green hues to capture that French or Italian style or go for lighter patterned tiles to bring in the Mediterranean feel into your home. 

Despite officially leaving the European Union there will always be a strong connection with the continent and when it comes to interior design taking influences from other countries and cultures and making them work for your space in a way that inspires travel, memories or just making a home you feel happy and comfortable in. 

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  1. I do love wall art as they can really make a room and an easy way to refresh a room without decorating,I also love wood flooring which we have as it is easy to keep clean with dogs walking in and out


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