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As we slowly wave goodbye to summer and say hello to Autumn and the colder months ahead, getting outdoors is just as important for our overall wellbeing. Although, unlike those warm summery days where you can head out on a hike with just some sunscreen, water, in a t-shirt and shorts, well a little bit more planning Is needed as the temperature drops, to ensure you have fun and stay safe. 

Autumn is one of the nicest times to get out into the forest or head on a walk up to a trig point or mountain summit as the landscape is full of change, with golden and brown hues from the fallen leaves & kids enjoy this time of the year as well, making it the perfect season for family hikes. 

So I thought I would share the essentials I pack on any autumn hike

1. Extra Layers

As the weather is very changeable this time of the year, while it may feel mild at the start of your hike, if your heading higher up to a summit, it will without a doubt be colder the higher you go, as well as the temperature drop later in the day, so do prepare for that with extra layers such as a fleece jumper and woolly hat.

2. Waterproofs

The worst thing is getting caught by rain on a hike when you are miles always from the car and no waterproofs in sight, what it's even worse is when it starts to get cold, in fact, it can be dangerous. So a lined waterproof jacket is a must at this time of the year and waterproof trousers isn't a bad idea either.

3. A good pair of socks

I can't stress how important a good pair of walking socks are, not only will they keep your feet warm but also help prevent blisters. A good pair of socks will also be breathable, help regulate temperature and wick away sweat to help keep your feet dry even in the wettest of weather. 

hiking boots

4. Hiking boots

While you may be able to get through summer with a simple pair of trainers, Autumn brings with it more wet and damp conditions which can also mean more treacherous terrain so having a decent pair of waterproof or Gortex lined hiking boots that offers better support as well as needing a rugged sole for better traction on slippery surfaces. The more comfortable your shoes or boots the more enjoyable the hike

5. Headlamp or torch

In the UK as soon as we start heading into the colder months, daylight hours drastically shorten and it's easy to get caught out on the trail with evenings getting darker earlier so it's always a good idea to have a headlamp or small portable torch just in case you find yourself in need of some light. 

6. Mobile phone charger

We rely on our phones for everything these days, including using trail finder apps such as the Ordnance survey or my kids favourite outdoor adventure app - Geocaching, of course, these things drain your battery and if your hiking somewhere remote it's also your connection to the outside world in case of an emergency 

7. First aid kit

As I said the terrain can become somewhat more treacherous and slippery in autumn and winter so it's worth having a small first aid kit with you, especially if your hiking with kids. You can easily put a mini kit together at home containing things such as plasters, hand sanitisers, antiseptic cream and a few painkillers. One last thing always pack more water than you think your will need.

The main thing as always is to have fun and having the right equipment certainly helps with that as you will feel more comfortable, which is what you want when heading outdoors. 

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  1. We went for a hike yesterday and ended off stripping our layers as we were so warm, but you are right - you need to be prepared for all weathers in the autumn


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