10 Styling Tips to Make a Metal Bed Feel Cosier


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Metal beds are modern and sleek, but they can also feel cold and metallic so here are some tips to make your bedroom space and bed softer and warmer and can be applied to any kind of bed.

If you have a metal bed, chances are you love it but want to make it a little bit cosier, and this article will help you do just that with ten styling tips.

Let’s jump right in!

1. Hang fairy lights above your bed

Fairy lights are beautiful because they mimic the stars at night, so hanging them above your bed will create a real sense of wonder and warmth.

If you don’t want to be dazzled by them, try hanging the fairy lights behind coloured netting or a bedsheet suspended from the ceiling.

fairy lights


2. Wrap the top of the headboard/footboard in Tulle

If your metal bed has an ornamental headboard or footboard, wrap the top section in netting to cover up most of the metal you touch and soften the look of your bed.

The type of netting you need is voile or tulle, see-through netting materials most commonly used to make net curtains (tulle is lighter and more refined).

3. Dress your bed in a giant sweater

If the problem with your metal bed is its coldness, you can always add warmth, and a great way to do this is with a giant knitted blanket!

Knitted bed blankets are chunky and super-snuggly, so you are guaranteed to increase the cosiness of your bed by throwing one on it.

4. Add touches of faux fur

One of the simplest ways to add warmth to a metal bed frame is with faux fur, whether with cushions, throws, pillowcases, or bedding.

The great thing about faux fur is it can be convincingly lifelike, or you can get it in colours that match your colour scheme.

cosy bedroom

5. Layer up with cushions

What do you want to do when you see a bed covered in plush cushions? If you’re anything like us, you’ll want to jump right in!

Layering up with cushions is the best way to give your bed instant eye appeal, and you can get creative with interesting textures and colours.

6. Upgrade to linen bedding

Linen is the most versatile bedding material because it’s textured enough to be cosy in winter yet light enough for summer.

Linen is not the same as cotton (from a different plant, the flax plant). Linen feels slightly thicker and more subtle on skin, creating a sense of warmth.

7. Textured white bedding

One of the most beautiful and versatile bedding options is textured white bedding. Not only is it crisp and modern, but it’s also warm and cosy!

Sometimes, an absence of colour is what a metal bed needs to fit into a room. Give white bedding a go and see what you think.

white bedding

8. Make a cosy canopy

You can make a DIY canopy without a poster bed with nothing more than a few screw hooks and a large piece of netted fabric (voile or tulle netting).

Alternatively, you can make a canopy with a curtain rod on your ceiling. A canopy is a great way to emphasise your metal bed and soften its appearance.

9. Throwdown a bedside rug

Throw down a fuzzy bedside rug made from faux fur or a shaggy rug with a high pile to create an instant sense of warmth and comfort.

Not only do bedside rugs look great, but they feel great too! There’s no better feeling than getting out of bed and stepping onto a soft rug.

10. Use warm light at the bedside

Metal beds can feel cold and metallic, so they need warm light to soften the space around them and create a welcoming, peaceful vibe.

Use dimmers in your bedroom and move bedside lamps to the wall. Another good tip is to install an LED light strip around the back of your bed.

cosy bedroom


  1. Faux fur can look great. I also love fairy lights. We have a range around the kids beds. They love them!

  2. I have a faux fur throw which I love once the nights start drawing in. I would love fairy lights around the bed but the OH says no LOL


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