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Lately, I have been experiencing more headaches and migraines than usual, I think it's partly down to stress and how up and down the past 18 months have been. As many people know migraines can be debilitating at times and can stop you in your tracks. Recently on a trip to London, I had to go to my hotel to lie down for 2 hours as I was so uncomfortable, not ideal when you are travelling with two young kids.

As with anything I always try and avoid relying on painkillers when possible and as they say prevention can be better than cure so staying on top of any migraine triggers is key. I have gone through some trial and error but here are 5 things that help ease and reduce the number of migraines and headaches I get.

1. Get enough sleep

I know this goes without saying yet more and more people are simply not getting enough sleep and not only can this increase the number of migraines you may experience but also a whole host of other issues may arise as well. Getting the right amount of sleep can reduce headaches so aim for around seven to nine hours of sleep each night. CDB oils can also really help with switching off and getting enough sleep, you can find more about it on this website

2. Take Ginger

Ginger has been used as a herbal remedy for years for a variety of ailments such as travel sickness, nausea, arthritis and muscular aches but also migraines. While scientific research on the effects ginger has on migraines is limited, it can be a safe home remedy so could be worth a try especially if you feel nauseous with your migraines. You can increase your ginger intake easily these days as it comes in so many forms. You can get tablets, use raw ginger, tea and lozenges to name a few.


3. Reduce Alcohol intake

While the odd drink here or there won't cause a headache, overindulgence or regular drinking may as alcohol is a diuretic that causes your body to lose fluid and increase dehydration which in turn can cause tension and cluster headaches. If you suffer from bad migraines it would be a good idea to refrain from alcohol for a while. 

4. Relax with Yoga

Yoga has an array of benefits and could be a positive addition to your daily lifestyle as it can improve your strength, flexibility, help relieve stress, increase energy levels and even help with sleep. Studies have also found that those who practised yoga for three months had a reduction in the frequency and severity of their headaches. Here are 13 poses that can help relieve tension headaches.

5. Drink more water

As with so many ailments, drinking more water can improve symptoms and the same goes for headaches. Studies have shown that dehydration is a common cause of migraines and tension headaches, luckily they can usually be relieved by simply drinking more water - it's free and can really help. 

Another option is to try drug-free pain relief, for example, many mothers and mothers-to-be use TENS machines during labour, I did, and it can really help to reduce some of the pain by using a mild electrical current. Paingone offers small portable TENS products such as their TENS pen which fits perfectly into your handbag or backpack and offers fast, effective, drug-free pain relief and is definitely something worth looking into. 

Is there a natural remedy or lifestyle change that you find works for you? I would love to hear how you cope when migraines hit. 


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