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body hair

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Body hair, we all have it, it's natural, it's normal, yet the "rules" across genders are still typically very different and while men encouraged to grow body hair the same unfairly cannot be said for a woman. However, with more people than ever taking to social media and joining in with more diverse discussions, sharing their opinions, experiences and cultures, attitudes are slowly changing when it comes to things like body hair, in fact the Metro recently wrote about why more women are putting their razors down and embracing body hair. 

Personally, I have always stood strongly behind the ethos that a woman's body is their own and it's always their choice to live in a way that is authentic and makes them happy, whether that be to grow their body hair out or to shave - all choices are valid and empowering in their own way. 

The thing we have to work on is coming to the conclusion of what feels right to us and not what society pushes and deems as acceptable. We rarely see women in magazines and on TV with body hair but that doesn't mean in any way that it's wrong when in fact body hair is very natural. Some women genuinely do not like body hair while for others, they feel empowered by allowing theirs to grow. 

As a society, we need to support both as both is beautiful and neither should be made to feel otherwise. Together we need to work against the idea that not shaving is "going against the norm" so that more woman can feel comfortable to make a decision on what feels good rather than what society expects us to do. 

Shave or don't shave it's all about self-worth and love and either way care needs to be taken to ensure a happy and healthy body. If you're ditching the razer then why not treat yourself to some nice natural body soaps or investing in organic cotton underwear which is nice and breathable and can help to reduce yeats and bacterial infections because it allows air to flow easily (plus most organic underwear brands are super comfy too) 

If you feel really good with smooth legs and underarms that's fantastic too, just be kind to yourself and look at different ways to remove unwanted hair that is kind and doesn't cause too much stress or pain on your body. Shaving is always a great pain-free budget-friendly option how every only lasts a short time, waxing is another popular choice although I've never done it personally as I don't like pain but does last longer. Other options are also prescription creams which are pain-free but you need to discuss this with a dermatologist first as some can cause skin irritation.

Two other options for longer-term removal is laser hair removal, which can be costly over time but results last much longer as well. Then there is electrolysis which is a procedure done by a doctor or medical skincare professional and is the most advanced method with the longest results. 

Whatever you decided to do is deeply personal and you never have to justify or explain your reasonings but knowing the options is also important. Why not give both a try? If you normally shave why not have a break for a while and see how you feel? 

body hair


  1. I have a cousin that is embracing her body hair and that lets it grow….. I agree that it is what that person likes and wants. My cousin loves it this way and loves her natural self…. And I personally love smooth shiny legs and underarms ;)

  2. I love this post, I choose to shave but I respect everyone’s personal choice. Do whatever makes you feel comfortable and happy with yourself, take care and pamper your body however you want 😊

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