4 Easy Ways to get your Kids to Wash Their Hands


anti-bacterial slime

* AD/PR Sample - I was provided with two pots of Anti-bacterial slime to provide an honest unpaid review

Personal hygiene has always been an important skill to teach our children and the past year has thrust handwashing into the spotlight even more. Never before has it been quite so important to make sure we clean our hands especially when we are out and about. While my kids have grasped the concept of constant handwashing it doesn't mean that it hasn't become somewhat monotonous, so anything that makes it a little bit more fun is a real bonus. So here are a few fun ideas to keep kids engaged when it comes to personal hygiene.

1. Slime that cleans!

Yes, you heard me right, Canal Toys have recently released anti-bacterial slime that kills up to 99.9% of bacteria on hands! As you can imagine this slime is hugely popular with my boys, who don't actually know it's cleaning their hands while they play, it's the perfect combo if you ask me and is perfect for any slime fans out there. What is great about these slime pots is that they are pocket-sized so easy to take out and about, plus they are non-toxic, alcohol-free and the anti-bacterial properties last for around 1 month and can be reused over and over during that time and it doesn't dry out the skin either.

anti-bacterial slime

2. Sticker charts and colouring in posters

A sticker chart is an easy and budget-friendly way to support a gentle routine to the day and can also incorporate things like brushing teeth, washing their face and washing hands. If your kids like to be creative they can also make their own sticker chat or have fun colouring in their own handwashing poster - you can find some free printables here

3. Use foaming soap or hand sanitiser

Who would have guessed that foaming soap or hand sanitiser makes washing hands so much for fun - my boys just love foaming soap. We have been using Scrubbingtons which is 98% natural, alcohol-free and is moisturising, it's also perfect for at home and when we are out and about and there is just something about foam that kids love, I never have any issues with getting them to use it. 


4. Try your hand at making your own soap

My kids loved making their own bath bombs a few months ago and we plan to make some of our own soap very soon, which I know they will love and will also want to use, because who wouldn't want to use something they have made? It's an easy way to be creative at home while also encouraging hand washing.

A few other ideas is having a fun light-up timer to ensure they are washing for 20 seconds, you can also set up a "toy wash" where you get younger children to wash their toys (my youngest loved this when he was a toddler), it's also worth educating them on why it's important to wash hands by doing some fun science experiments about germs - Mum in the Madhouse has some great ideas on her blog. 


  1. Wow I loved this kids soap perfect gift for my nephew Personal hygiene is so essentials especially nowadays we need to fight COVID-19.

  2. What great ideas. I was noticing my nephew's hands were not super clean the last time I saw him!

  3. I can definitely get my son to play with this. It looks like it's safe for a toddler.

  4. making my own soap is something I never tried - could be fun maybe :)

  5. what a neat idea to make an antibacterial slime! the kids would have fun while cleaning!
    I also, would like to try making my own soap, I'll have to learn how ; )

  6. Looks like something fun for kids to play with!

  7. OMG that slime is GENIUS!! My kids would use this nonstop!

  8. This is really a great idea for making an antibacterial slime!


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