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The modern-day pressures of what society deem as pretty have caused havoc to the lives of many women as what we see portrayed in magazines, TV and social media are not always possible or realistic to most yet we are constantly pushed to achieve this, while still being told over and over again we need to accept our bodies fully. We also live in a world where it's almost acceptable to gossip or lay judgement to others (often publically), yet our bodies are our own right? We should have total autonomy to do what we like if it makes us feel good then why not - if someone wants to wear makeup that's great, if not that's also totally fine, the same goes for body size - all size's are beautiful, big or small and if someone does want to change their body that's their right and not for us to judge or mock because many of our decisions are connected to our mental health and are for us and us alone to decide on. We all have hang ups which is why body positivity and acceptance is something we all need to work on.

1. All Sizes matter

What we need to understand is that guilt on any level is toxic and guilt is often thrown about too easily when it comes to body size, on both sides. For far too long plus size has been seen as a negative when it's just as beautiful and valid as those on the smaller scale, equally a woman should not feel guilty if they love hitting the gym everyday - how we decide to live our lives and our lifestyle are individual to our needs and we need to priorities our needs whatever they may be.

2. Do not place worth on weighing scales

Weighing scales or what they tell you should not reflect your value! Health and wellbeing has little to do with weight and more to do with caring for ourselves, such as getting enough sleep, drinking more water or avoiding stress triggers. I don't own a weighing scale because frankly I don't care about it and it doesn't reflect my health in anyway. 

3. Do you when it comes to Makeup

Personally I don't wear anything more than a little moisturizer and foundation because I am low maintenance in that department and also for me I feel more comfortable we less but for others makeup is art, a confidence boost and is what feels right for them. While yes their are trends and influences from social media but for many. it's about doing what makes them feel good so if you see someone with no makeup don't imply they could be making "more of an effort" with themselves and the same goes if you see someone with a lot of make up, comments like "that's too much" is hurtful and it's not your body, everyone has a right to express themselves in their own way.


4. Have fun with your style

When you become a parent there can be a lot of pressure to look a certain way, to dress a certain way - in fact this can been seen at most stages in our lives and we can often be shamed when we don't fit those stereotypes. Gender has also played a big role but luckily these stereotypes are being challenged and dropped and when it comes to personal style just do what you want. I have a more androgoneous approach to clothing but if you like to wear heels, wear them, if you like to really dress up then do it or if you all about comfort that is ace too just don't be shamed into looking a certain way when you fundamentally is goes against how you feel on the inside.

5. Surgery is a valid and personal choice.

While cosmetic surgery isn't for me at this juncture in time it is a valid and deeply personal choice for others and no one should be shamed if they choose to change something about themselves. We are currently told to emrbace ourselves and love ourselves but if surgery is done for the right reasons and will improve a personals mental health then that is their choice and theirs alone and should be supported. When making the decision about investing in surgery it's really important to research all your options and make use of any resources available to you.

6. Actively challenge your views on body image and make sure it has diversity at it's core

Many of us don't realise how much we have been influcend by those around us, by magazines, adverts, TV etc and how we already have some kind of bias so we need to be active in our role to finding acceptance and happiness when it comes to our bodied but also other people's too. We need to drop our expectations of what society expects, of how a woman should look and also when it comes to emrbacing and accepting all sizes, races, sexual orientation, disabilities and age. Whenever we found ourselves judging other women we need to stop, think and reflect on why we are doing that and asks ourselves what is making us feel uncomfortable and whether that is fair and ask if it's making that person happy and if it is we need to embrace that. 

Here is a very inspiring article about why body positivity is about more than just accepting sizes but involves so much more.  

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  1. This is such an important topic to discuss. I think so many of us are hung up on our bodies and certainly social media doesn't help.

    Brilliant post x

  2. I am slowly learning to love and accept my body despite all its flaws. I have stopped weighing myself as I found myself getting obsessive with it.

  3. Yes, exactly this! There is so much more to being comfortable in your skin then just accepting different sizes, as you say. Love that t shirt in your photo at the end :-)

  4. Love this post and what all girls and women need to realize is everyone on TV and social media are not realistic examples of real life. They are air brushed to look perfect and many of them are now having so much plastic surgery dozen that they look absolutely horrible… like fake plastic dolls. Ugh…. They go from so pretty and beautiful to flat out awful. You have to learn to love yourself and be happy in the skin your in ;) I too have had my own struggles but am finally getting it! ;)

  5. Totally agree with this, we are different and there magic on that, we are all unique and special and that’s perfect.


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