How To Know If A Country Is 'Just Right' For You


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Most people like to have a rough plan of their lives and what they want to achieve in the future, or at least consider how we would like to live them, it’s very easy to think along conventional lines. Note that there’s nothing wrong with doing this. It might be that you wish to follow in the career footsteps of your parents and that living in your home town for the rest of your life is something you truly find appealing.

However, many other people wish to consider just what else is out there, and how they can grasp it with both hands. They might think of moving to the big city and trying to chase their own career. However, there are even more options than this. With hard work and a little planning, you could live in many countries around the world, live many lifestyles, prioritize many pursuits. With a lot of research (and hardly any budget) and securing a job before I travelled, I've been able to live in South Africa, France, Netherlands and the UK. That’s not to say obstacles don’t and won’t exist for you, only that the options going forward are so numerous it’s hard to understand your best pursuit unless you take stock and consider. 

I love the culture in Amsterdam

Let’s answer that first question we brought up - how do you know if living in another country is right for you? Let’s consider:

Loving The Culture

To live anywhere well, you have to have an appreciation for the culture. Of course, culture shock is a real thing, and it doesn’t mean you’re bigoted if you feel that for a while. However, if you’re to one day apply for an indefinite leave to remain status, exploring and enjoying the culture is important. Eat the food. Speak to the people. See more than just the tourist traps. Learn the culture, and learn the language. The more you put in, the more you get out, and the more you begin to appreciate it. People will often notice that you’ve put the effort in, too, which can be something quite amazing to consider.

Understanding Its History

It’s very easy to see history as a divorced, heady concept, but it’s not, it thoroughly permeates everything we do, think, and see around us. History allows us to understand our surroundings. For instance, if you hope to live in a town in the North of England, it can seem much more magical to learn of the Viking origins of that settlement and what that meant for the culture at large. It helps the environment around you to seem more worthwhile, more interesting, and more present than it may have.

Experiencing The Flow Of Life

Every culture has its own flow of life. Life in Barcelona, for instance, is much different to life in New York. People move more slowly, they’re more interested in relationships and being kind, they don’t mind relaxing or taking a break while still valuing hard work. In New York, cultures are mixed and for the most part work together well, they have real pride in their city, and the fast-paced and highly productive nature of its environment helps foster the most impressive marvels and architecture the world has ever known. Experience these lifestyles for yourself, wherever you hope to move. They will illustrate and punctuate that which you may one day expect.

With this advice, we hope you can come to an understanding of whether a country is ‘just right' for you.

I also lived in Nice, France and loved the laid back Riviera vibe


  1. I have often wondered about different cultures and which I would most like to immerse myself in during my travels. I would like to visit Italy someday, that seems like a great place.

  2. It's a super big decision to make. you bring up some great points that are totally valid!

  3. I'd love to travel right now. It's a huge decision to make with everything going on.

  4. The culture of a Country is big for me. I love diversity and immersing myself in new experiences, but Culture shock is real and it could hard to adjust. I’d love to dive in to a new experience and go with the flow of a new life.


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