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While we cannot do much travelling at the moment due to Covid, it's still a good time to start putting pen to paper on plans and thinking ahead to weekends away and day trips because eventually at some point normality will return. One of my favourite places I have visited is Dublin, it's such a fun and vibrant city and offers to much whether you are there for the day, weekend or even longer. Here are my 8 favourite things to do in Dublin when you only have a weekend to explore the Irish capital city.

1.Visit Temple Bar not just for the beer but for the Art

Temple Bar is without a doubt one of the most lively areas of Dublin and there is a fantastic atmosphere with plenty of pubs and cafes as well as boutique stores and is often referred to as Dublin's "culture quarter" famed for the nightlife. But there is also the Temple Bar Studio's and Gallery that is well worth a look as it's one of the leading contemporary art galleries in the city there is always something going on, from exhibitions to events, as well as engaging workshops and learning opportunities, if you looking for a hit of inspiration and culture than it's work taking a look.  

Ha'Penny Bridge

2. Walk over the Ha'penny Bridge

This may be a popular tourist sight but there is a reason for it and I always think you might as well, it's free, it's pretty and it has some history to it. For those who don't know the Ha'penny Bridge was the first pedestrian bridge to span over the River Liffey and the name came from the halfpenny toll pedestrians had to pay to cross the bridge after it was built int 1816. This striking white bridge also makes for a great Instagram spot.

3. See the Book of Kells at Trinty College

Visiting Trinty College not only to see the magical and Instagram worthy Library but also to see The Book of Kells should be at the top of your list of historical and cultural spots in the City and is well worth the admission. The Book of Kells was created around 800AD and today it is housed in Trinity's 18th-century Old Library building which is also home to the Long Room, a 65-meter long chamber and one of the most beautiful and well know libraries in the world. 

Trinity College

4. Eat in Style

When it comes to food you are really spoilt for choice in Dublin with some amazing places to sit and enjoy locally produced meals while taking in the Irish atmosphere. Here are 3 places that are excellent and you won't regret booking here for a special night out, 1. The Woollen Mills, located next to the Ha'Penny Bridge, this all-day hangout spot is super chic and hip. 2. Drury Buildings, based in a former rag trade building in the city centre this screams that cool industrial-chic atmosphere and a great spot for some cocktails. 3. Brasserie Sixty6 near Grafton street, it's low lighting and wooden floors give this place a real cosy feel along with amazing food is the perfect place for a chilled evening meal with friends. All three of these places also offer private dining and can be booked through Squaremeal.

5. Drink Guinness at the Guinness Storehouse 

Yes the Guinness Storehouse is one of the most popular tourist attractions but for good reason and it's also a spot of fun and personal I found my visit very interesting and insightful. Guinness is one of the most famous Irish drinks and one of the most successful alcohol brands in the world. The tour takes you on tour through seven floors where you learn the history of the Guinness family and what goes into brewing this Irish dark stout with it ending at the stunning Gravity Bar on the 7th floor with amazing views across the city where you can enjoy a pint of Guinness for yourself. 

Guinness Store

6. Enjoy the free street entertainment on Grafton Street

Buskers around the world know of Grafton street, with many famous faces having taken "stage" here from Damien Rice to Rodrigo y Gabriela, you never know who you will stumble across and they could be the next big thing. From traditional Irish to rock and pop, there is always some kind of free street entertainment going on.

7. Spot the doors of Dublin

I didn't even know that Door spotting was a thing you do in Dublin before I arrived but quickly found out why, the city is dotted with colourful Georgian style doors across the city with the best places to views on the south side of the city, especially Merrion Square which is considered one of the finest surviving squares and a great place to spot these colourful doors which have become somewhat of a trademark for Dublin.

Dublin really is a great city to explore and visit for a weekend or longer and once some sense of normality has returned it on my list of places to revisit soon. 

Dublin doors


  1. Oh my gosh, I would love to visit Dublin! I have always wanted to go visit there!

  2. And now I need to add Dublin to my "travel after Covid" list!

  3. I would love to have my photos taken at those doors if that is possible at all. The other things you listed are definitely enjoyable though the alcohol part is best enjoyed by my sister and her husband.

  4. Dublin is such a good city to visit :) Especially now that things are decorated for Christmas!

  5. I can’t wait until a vaccine is out and we can finally start travelling again! We’re so close to this becoming a reality again.

  6. This is one of the best posts on Dublin and things of interest for a tourist. I really would like to visit this country and see around.

  7. Thats a good travelogue of Berlin. Yes surely we travel freaks are waiting to travel and must start planning out with great hopes that things will become normal soon.


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