Why Small Weddings are the new trend for 2021


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We all know that Covid has caused chaos for a variety of reasons this year, with many of us feeling like our lives are on hold. Many events and celebrations have been cancelled and everything from shopping to visiting friends has changed. For many of us, we have reduced or travel, stayed local, shopped local and avoided large gatherings, the environment has also benefitted from society slowing down and that really has been a good thing. I have never been one that feels like bigger is better so it's good to hear that the trend of less is more and going small is the new thing, including weddings. If you needed convincing on why a small wedding is a great choice then here are a few non-covid reasons to help persuade you (as well as save you money). 

The Benefits of a Small Wedding

The more you consider what a small wedding will be like, the more you'll come to the realization that this should have been your first choice in the first place. Here are all the benefits of a micro wedding and why you should choose to have a smaller wedding. 

It's Cost Efficient

Unless you plan to have your wedding at the rooftop of an expensive hotel, overlooking the sea, and serving unlimited champagne, a small wedding is definitely an affordable option. The biggest problem most soon-to-be newlyweds experience is just how to fit a budget around a big wedding. The bigger the wedding, the more guests, decorations, meals, and staff are needed. This all adds up to an unpleasant overall bill. A smaller wedding simply means a smaller price to pay, literally. 

It's More Environmentally Friendly

The events industry is known to be a huge contributor to garbage and pollution problems all around the world. Big weddings play a big role in this unfortunate fact. If you're wondering if you should have a small wedding or not, this is a good reason to consider a minimal wedding. You'll be eliminating what would be a truckload of single-use plastic garbage, fewer cars used related to your event, and overall a smaller contribution to climate change and pollution. 

More Options for a Venue

Another problem most couples struggle with for their big wedding is finding a good venue to accommodate a big party. In many cases, only a limited number of venues in a city can be used for a large wedding. This results in everyone in town using that same hall for their wedding. With a small party, you have more options for your venue. You can even use non-traditional choices like a library or a beautiful garden. 

A Lot Easier to Plan

Planning how to entertain, feed, and keep a room of 200 people happy is a huge dilemma for most couples and wedding planners. You want this entire event to be a pleasant experience. But it's not easy doing this for a large number of people, for an entire day. A small wedding simply means less stress during the wedding planning process. You have a better chance of enjoying planning your wedding (as it should be). 

The Chance to Spend Time With Your Guests

Ask any couple who have had a big wedding if they were able to spend time with all of their guests, and you’ll most likely get a ‘no’ for an answer. You simply can’t spend quality time with 200 people all in one go. But if you cut it down to 50 people, you will have enough hours to go to each table, make memories, share stories, and actually have a great time chatting with everyone you’ve invited. This is a big benefit and reason why you should have a small wedding. It’s a great time to truly enjoy the company of all the people you love in your life. 

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You Can Have More of the Things You Love

You don't have to be so tight with your budget with a small wedding. And this means that you have the luxury to splurge a little. You can have the salmon for dinner. Or have that beautiful cake you've always wanted. Or hire that expensive photographer who can get your dream photos. You can even buy the dream Bridal Set diamond rings you've always wanted. The options are better with a smaller wedding. 

You Can Spend More on Your Honeymoon

The first trip as husband and wife is the ideal time to really enjoy the incredible milestone you've just achieved in your relationship. This is the beginning of the rest of your life, and celebrations are in order. If you're wondering 'should I have a small wedding?' , just think of how great it will be to have the dream honeymoon you've always wanted, that you can now afford because your wedding didn't cost a fortune. Go for that small wedding and get that once in a lifetime honeymoon. 

Final Thoughts

It seems that the smaller your wedding is, the more opportunities you have to really make it your own and enjoy every moment of your big day. You don't have to worry about cutting costs, big venues, and the stress of planning. You can truly make the most of every second of your big day. This should answer the big question of 'Should I have a small wedding?'.


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  1. When we got married some years ago, we had no choice but to opt for a smaller wedding. We simply did not have the budget for everyone to attend. It did however make the day that much more special. You had time to really interact with your guests, ensure everyone was well catered for and finally leave you some budget left over to start saving to get onto the property ladder!


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