Degusta Box Advent Calendar 2020 Review




*This box was provided to me as a PR sample to provide an honest review. I have no been paid to review this item or been told what to say - words are 100% my own. 

Can you believe we are in December already, the year has felt like it's gone on forever and then all of a sudden the past few weeks have flown by! The one exciting thing about this time of the year is, of course, Christmas and who doesn't love a foodie treat?

For those who don't know who Degusta Box are - they are a monthly subscription box which sends around 10 to 15 products, many new to the market or higher-end treat items with the bonus of always being cheaper than you would find in stores. Well good news, this year they also put together an Advent Calender and it's by far the largest Advent I have ever seen.

Now I don't want to give it all away so I am just doing a "Sneak Peek" review of the Calender by opening a few boxes that will give you an idea of what to look forward too and both of my boys were very excited at the prospect of some chocolates to try out (of course there are savoury goodies too). 

Advent Calendar 2020

We decided to open a total of 6 doors, as this would give a rounded idea of what to expect in this type of Advent without giving all the excitement away.

We first went for Door 1 which had a full sized box of Choco Leibniz Chocolate Orange biscuits, which the kids love and of course were very excited about and are worth about £1.79.

Door 3 was another sweet delight in the form of a full-sized Mackies of Scotland Chocolate Orange bar worth £1.79

Door 4 contained Gloriously Grown Vietnamese Jumbo Skin-On Cashews, which as both my eldest and I love nuts we were really happy about this. The retail for £3

Door 9 contained a large Brynmor Dark Chocolate and Ginger Flapjack, I have had Brynmor Flapjacks before and love them, especially as they are gluten-free and made in Wales, so this was a nice treat and is worth £1.50

foodie advent

Door 16 contained Maldon Sea Salt which is a perfect addition to my kitchen as I do a lot of cooking and these sea salt flakes will definitely be used and these retail for £1.30

Door 23 was a delicious nutty chocolate treat - Whitworths Chocolate and Caramel peanuts which I have had to hide away from my eldest who would eat them all in one go if he had the chance. This bag retails for £2.

From just opening these few doors we could tell that all the goodies were really great quality, things we love and would use, with nothing going to waste. The Advent itself is also cardboard and easily recycled which is always a bonus. We don't usually do things like this so it was lovely to see the kids so excited about the surprising and you can see their reactions on my YouTube video below. 

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