The umbilical cord: the lifeline for your baby now and in the future


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The umbilical cord: the lifeline for your baby now and in the future
Did you know that your baby’s umbilical cord, that once acted as their lifeline, could save 
their life in the future?

That’s the power of cord blood banking

Throughout pregnancy, the umbilical cord forms the essential connection between mother
and baby. From as early as the seventh week of pregnancy, right up until your little one is
welcomed into the world, the umbilical cord provides your baby with the oxygen and
nutrients it needs to grow whilst also simultaneously removing any harmful waste products.

It essentially serves as a filter for the good things to go in, and the bad things to go out.
Once the baby is born and the umbilical cord is cut, parents have two choices: to throw it away
or save it. For those who decide to save the umbilical cord, it could continue to protect their
baby’s health for years to come.

Your baby’s umbilical cord is a rich source of powerful stem cells and is actually the best
source of stem cells they will ever have in their lifetime. These stem cells have the ability to
treat over 80 different blood and immune disorders and have been used in over 35,000
transplants worldwide.

Cord blood stem cells are already routinely used by doctors to treat disorders such as
lymphoma and sickle cell disease. And each day, scientists are continuing to discover new
ways to use this valuable resource to treat other conditions that could affect us throughout
our entire lifetime.

Thousands of clinical trials are currently taking place in the field of regenerative medicine to
utilise stem cells to treat diseases such as cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis, arthritis and
more. These stem cells have even been used to grow a human heart! Who knows what will
be possible in 5, 10, or 20 years’ time?

The process of cord blood banking allows parents to collect these incredible cord blood
stem cells and save them for future use, should their family need it. But there is only one
opportunity to save it – and that’s on the day that they are born.

The collection itself is quick, safe and completely non-invasive, so it doesn’t interrupt the
first precious moments with you and your baby. Cord blood banking is provided by a small
number of companies across the UK, with the largest and most popular being Cells4Life.

This leading cord blood bank have put together this cord blood banking infographic to help
you make an informed decision about cord blood banking, including everything you need to
know from what stem cells are, who can use them and their compatibility with birth plans.
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  1. Its amazing to stumble on this topic today. I was discussing about it the other day with a family friend

  2. Ok, I did not know how umbilical cord helps kids in later life too. This was an amazing read.

  3. Wow. I actually DID not know this!! I didn't even know people kept their baby's cords! That's interesting to know!

  4. So informative! Thanks for sharing! I had no idea!

  5. Kristine Nicole Alessandra25 June 2020 at 03:13

    I have read about stem cells and how it can save people from illnesses they may have in the future. Cord blood banking is one of the amazing advances in medical science. My only thoughts is how much would the cost be for storing those stem cells?

  6. This has always fascinated me, it could be a game changer in your child's future

  7. How interesting is this...they say that you learn something new everyday


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