Wales to South Africa, Fundraising for those affected by Covid-19


South African

As some of you may already know, I was born and grew up in South Africa, it's where I went to school, had my first job, celebrated my 21st birthday. It's somewhere I will always call home but I am very privileged to be able to put down roots in Wales something which is not afforded to many and one I am very grateful for.

South Africa, unlike the UK, doesn't have Universal credit, childcare benefit or any kind of furlough or self-employment scheme so when Covid-19 hit it's had a huge impact on a country already struggling with a large population in a critical state of poverty. There is limited free health care and with the heavy lockdown restrictions and reduced access to food has meant starvation has been as much of a fear as Covid-19.

While the South African government is throwing everything is has to contain the virus it's come at a cost of those who are already struggling now funding it even harder to access safe food, clean water and basic hygiene kits. The government food parcels that are being provided are infrequent at best and don't always arrive at their destination and are also not allocated to any asylum seekers or refugees, many of which are LGBT youth who have fled persecution for a new life in liberal South Africa. 

There is good news though as many locals, grassroots organisations, charities and volunteers have come together to bridge the gap and bring thousands of meals and hygiene kits to vulnerable communities all across South Africa, although nearly all of these rely solely on donations to keep doing the amazing work they are doing. 

We I have made personal donations the boys and I really want to do more and have decided to walk 170 miles, the equivalent length of wales (as the crow flies) over the next few weeks to help raise funds for 3 charities on the ground in South Africa helping to feed those in need during the Covid crisis. The pound goes a really long way over there with one of the charities being able to put together a meal for an adult for 17p and another can feed a child for 2 weeks on £5, so literally, every penny helps. 

The charities we are supporting are Breadline Africa, The Lunchbox Fund and Feed our Valley and we hope to raise £100 for each charity 

If you would like to support use please go to our Crowd Funder page -


  1. What a wondering way to do something and help others. Will pop over to your crowd funder now

    J x

  2. I love the compassion you have for your childhood home. Good for you and your family.


  3. It is wonderful that a serious thing like the pandemic has united us regardless of where we live. Beautiful cause.

  4. Almost all countries worldwide are affected by COVID-19. But it is more difficult for some countries which do not get enough support from the government. It's good to extend a helping hand.

  5. This is absolutely selfless, you're working towards giving back to humanity which should be emulated. These are the kind of selfless service the world need.


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