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As we all start to slowly adjust to this new normal and looking further afield and possibly a little bit of travelling this year, many of us are considering local road trips and exploring more of what the UK has to offer. Of course, this requires a decent pair of wheels and I would know, I've broken down in the Scottish highlands as well as en route to Cornwall and it's just no fun and certainly throws a spanner in the works with regards to planned trips and holidays. If you already have a decent car then do check out my post of essential checks you should take before heading off on a trip. Otherwise, if you're looking for something new or a car to hire check our these versatile cars.

Mitsubishi Pajero

The Mitsubishi Pajero is not only practical but also has a stylish appearance and plenty of space to pack everything you need for longer trips away including camping gear. Known for its outstanding all-terrain performance, it still has a passenger car-like drivability making it suitable for anyone who has a sense of adventure.

Fiat 500L Trekking

A much larger version than the Fiat 500, the Fiat 500L is very spacious with more than enough space for a weekend away and I know, I reviewed one of these cars a few years ago and drove all over South Wales and to Tenby in West Wales. It has plenty of added features including traction control, mud and snow wheels, built-in Sat Nav and rearview camera and is also very fuel-efficient.

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Toyota Camry

A very solid mid-sized car that is said to be extremely reliable and due to it's popularity is constantly being updated. Modern Camry models have received major changes after the seventh restyling (2011-2014). The car itself has become larger, the front housing has changed and the radiator grill. It is in demand in the secondary market as well. You can find high-quality car parts on this website

Volkswagen Golf

There is a reason why the VW Golf remains so popular since it came onto the since in the 70's and it's mainly down to reliability and practicality. There are several body styles - wagon, hatchback and convertible meaning you can usually find something that works for your family dynamic and it's a car the is popular across all ages from new drivers to those in their golden years.

Toyota Rav4

Each year brings more features to the Rav4 which now fuses the practicalities of an SUV but with style and technology making the is the perfect "go anywhere" vehicle and a great choice for families wanting to hit the road and travel further distances. It's low emissions and fuel economy are also excellent.

Of course with any car purchase make sure to do your research, get a second professional opinion and shop around and if you are not sure why not test drive or hire a car similar to the one you are interested in.

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