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My life-long battle with allergies

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As long as I can remember I have had to deal with, at times, debilitating allergies and hayfever, despite being a fit, active and very out-going. My mother has pictures of me, around 5yrs old with puffy swollen eyes after being stung by a mosquito and memories of me sneezing for days on end due to hayfever and going back and forth to the Doctor to work out what I was allergic too and how best to deal with it.

I've tried everything from traditional medicine to homoeopathy, acupuncture and Chinese medicine and after years of slowly working out what my triggers are and what I'm allergic to and how best to avoid them, I finally feel like I have some kind of grasp on it. For me avoiding my triggers is key although it's something's that isn't always possible, I have a terrible dust allergy so anytime I spring clean the home within minutes my eyes start to itch and I know taking antihistamines at the first signs of my allergies flaring up is key but these can take a good 24hrs to kick in and get on top of them.

What many people don't understand is how draining it can be having to deal with allergies almost on a daily basis as it can be exhausting, especially as they can come on really quickly and if I get a bad bought my sinuses go into overdrive along with a headache, runny nose, sneezing, watery eyes and just feeling rather rotten it can really make simple tasks much harder, especially with your also a parent. There have even been times over the past few years when I have had to cancel work meetings or planned social dates with friends as my allergies have been so bad.

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My main triggers seem to be pet hair and dust mites as well as insect bites and one or two kinds of food, well that's what I know for sure. When I was around 10yrs old I did a prick test at my GP and I know quite a few things came up as positive but neither my mother or I can remember them all and I would love to re-do a test now to know exactly what is best to avoid especially as you can develop new sensitivities.

What is great about having allergies in 2020 (yes there are some positives) is that technology has moved on and we don't even have to wait for an appointment with a GP and can undertake allergy testing safely right from the comfort of our own home which can save a whole lot of time and stress as well as being in a more comfortable environment.

The important thing when it comes to testing of any kind is to go with a trustworthy, professional and reputable company so research is key and you want to factor in things such as the reliability of their tests, ease of use, turn around time and customer reviews. I am really impressed with home allergy test and it's exactly the kind of thing I would and want to do. It tests for over 280 different allergens from pollen to pets and food, using sophisticated technology and will help give insight to what to avoid and how to move forward in your own allergy journey.

The tests are super simple and use a small blood sample which you send off to test for allergies. you are then provided with comprehensive and reliable results within 3 weeks which you can then take to your GP and talk through your options.

hayfever also have their own app to help my your life even more allergy-free as it helps you track your hay fever symptoms as well as get daily pollen, weather and air quality data from any UK location along with personalised allergy insights and daily tips and for people who have to deal with allergy induce sinus congestion regularly this is a pretty neat feature to have and help.

I know I will always have to deal with allergies but I do feel I can be more prepared these days, through trial and error I have found things that do and do not work as well as being aware that my symptoms can change and adapting to those changes. I feel in general I have made some real improvements over the past few years to reduce my symptoms and hope to carry on with that in the future.



  1. It doesn't have to be easy at all, I don't suffer from real allergies, however I have some really annoying intolerances.

  2. I too have many allergies. My allegies to food and plants cause asthma flare ups

  3. I hate having allergies. I always have nasal allergies on high pollen seasons it is horrible I hate it.

  4. SUPER DUPER curious about this! My husband and I suffer from allergies so it would be interesting to see if there were things in our house contributing to our allergic fits!

  5. Allergies of any type are just horrible. I didn't get them until I turned 20 and each year they get worse. Maybe one of these years they will just go away like they arrived. Here is to hope!

  6. I can somehow relate to you since I have allergic rhinitis. And I used to have my bed sheets washed at a laundry shop and I am having a hard time with the Community Quarantine guidelines since I cannot cross borders right now. Thing is, I have no where to hang my bedsheets and curtains in my rented place. And so I do get allergy attacks every morning or any time within the day. So, I really have to figure something out until the restrictions are lifted. Glad that you are able to manage yours right now.

  7. I have allergic rhinitis! It's difficult for me when it triggers.


  8. It was quite interesting to know bout these allergies....and seriously its very difficult to deal with them...i am glad that i don't have any type of allergy.... (World in Eyes)

  9. Thankfully I do not have too many allergies except dust, but I feel for you that how you would have been coping with so many allergies since childhood. I hope you feel better in times ahead

  10. Seasonal allergies are such a pain! I never had them growing up, but developed them as an adult!!

  11. Apparently I am allergic to so many things such as chocolate and pineapple but I luckily I am able to eat them without any issues.

  12. I am SO sorry you've had this issue. My husband and my 7 year old son both have terrible allergies.

  13. Having allergies is not pleasant at all, especially when it is at something that you can't control, such as pollen. I sometimes get allergy symptoms to pollen and it is horrible, runny eyes, sneezes and all the package. Luckily mine go away quickly if take an anti-allergic pill.

  14. Oh I so feel this. My husband has horrible allergies!

  15. I so feel think. I took treatment several years ago and I am still so happy it worked on me

  16. Wow, I didn't know they did at home allergy tests! I have always heard not so great things about people going to the doctor for allergy testing. A small blood sample sounds pretty doable. This could help a lot of people!

  17. I don't know much about allergies because I don't have any. I am glad I got to read about your experience.


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