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For many of us, lockdown and the pandemic, in general, has been a story of two halves. On the one hand (and most pressingly,) we’ve faced changes to our daily routines, disruptions to schooling, and worries for our loved ones. As if that weren’t enough, though, many of us have also had to deal with the problematic reality of panic buying and supply issues entirely unravelling our weekly shops.

In the grand scheme of things, this latter point isn’t such a big issue. If we have our health, it really shouldn’t matter if we can’t do a big shop during lockdown. But, when you consider how much we’ve got going on already, a lack of supplies does still deserve a look-in.

Luckily, supply chains are mostly back up to pre-pandemic levels, and bulk buying has undoubtedly calmed down at least a little. Still, shoppers are finding that essential items like flour and cleaning supplies are still in high demand. That’s why we’re going to look at a few things that you can do to make sure you no longer need to go without for as long as lockdown lasts.

Reassess what you truly need

Reassessing our needs and consumption on occasion is always a good thing, and never has there been a better time to do so. After all, the more things you attempt to get, the less you’re going to feel as though you’ve managed to stock up properly. That’s forever going to lead you to the ‘what can I cook?’ conundrum.

By comparison, a shorter list gets you back in the house sooner, and can also lead to a more satisfying shopping experience all around. So, next time you come to write out your list, ask yourself whether you honestly need all that stuff. Things like crisps, yoghurts, and chocolate can probably all fall by the wayside, for example. Then, you might be able to narrow down by heading to local shops who are more likely to have what you want. 

Seek alternative outlets

Speaking of shopping local, it also pays to seek alternative outlets for those things that you really can’t do without. Independent shops and suppliers are already struggling during this time, and many of them are working hard to fill gaps that are evident elsewhere. For instance, your corner shop is more likely to have flour than your supermarket. Equally, your local baker (if still open) could prove the ideal place to get your bread.

You could even look outside the box for essentials that you’ve never thought of before. For instance, ‘Who Gives a Crap’ provides a door-to-door recycled toilet roll delivery. Equally, searching for pet supplies online by companies like Time for Paws ensures that your furry friends don’t have to go without. There may even be a local organic box scheme worth looking into and, all the while, you get the feel-good knowledge that you’re supporting companies who need a boost right now.

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Get creative in the kitchen

It’s also worth noting that, if you can’t find critical ingredients, you could always get creative with your recipes. Most often, there are viable replacements out there if you’re willing to look for them. Let’s say that you can’t find kidney beans or similar for the casserole you’re planning. Buying a tin of baked beans and rinsing the juice can still see you with the perfect pinto beans for the job. Equally, if you can’t find flour to thicken your sauce, why not try cornflour or a ready-made sauce thickener? While they’ll never be quite as good as the real thing, alternatives like these should certainly be enough to see you through the lockdown.

And that isn’t the only way you might need to get creative when cooking. Others are finding that they’re having to make previously shop-bought items from scratch. Bread is perhaps the leading contender here, though other households are also making their own pizza dough, chips, and more. Instead of going into meltdown when you can’t find the ready-made option, then, ask yourself what you could do to recreate it from scratch? You never know; these attempts could even become part of your homeschooling efforts with the kids!

A final word

When times get tough, we all want to turn to home comforts and familiarity. Sadly, those are few and far between at the moment, especially where shopping excursions are concerned. But, by thinking outside the box in these ways, you should still find that you’re able to stock your shelves and your hearts with the foods and supplies you know and love.


  1. Luckily I can still stunt scoot outside, alone but .. hey .. still stunt scootering!

  2. I have on occasion use alternative ingredients when I haven't had everything I needed. Thankfully most things are now in stock although I think there is currently a flour shortage.

  3. Weirdly enough we have really enjoyed being resourceful for this time...I think it’s a great exercise for mind, body and soul!

  4. Totally agree about the flour being super hard to find, we've been looking for weeks and never found any, just pre-packaged cake bakes ready to make with kids. We've been having to justify everything recently and family time is one of the only things thats brightened our days x Never up cycled so much stuff lying around the house!

  5. I agree so much with this! I've been following a minimal waste lifestyle in recent years and it's so important to make use of what we already have instead of buying more more more all the time.

  6. We have made some changes in our consumption habits and it has helped us to not to shop so often and also save money. It has been really difficult to find some of the baking supplies here too and I have learned a lot about shelf cooking.

  7. The first week for us was a bit tough especially that it required major adjustments but as you said, we had to be creative and resourceful. Things are much easier now.

  8. I agree so much with this. Need to be resourceful during this pandemic time.

  9. It's definitely tough staying creative during these trying times esp when you have little ones. Great ideas here..thanks for sharing! Stay safe.

  10. We have definitely started baking more than normal as we are not heading out to buy packets of biscuits and treats. Also finding local fruit and veg vendors and subscribing to them as we want to support them.

  11. We have also been spending so much time in the kitchen. Nice to enjoy kitchen time though making treats x


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