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Every 3 months or so I like to put together a Gratitude list, a simple reflection on things that we are grateful for and now seems like the most appropriate time as the world has pretty much turned upside down over this year. 

The lockdown in Wales has been extended for another 3 weeks which brings it to over 2 months and the boys and I have been trying to ride this wave as best we can. I don't for a second realise how lucky we are to have a home that is warm and safe, to have a small garden to relax in, to have each other and our health. 

At the same time, food is put on the table by my freelance self-employed income and nothing else and while I've managed to keep work going around having the kids at home all day my income has still been impacted a lot as many of my clients review their budgets and workflow has been less. 

This is the reality of most people right now, there are struggles but there are also quite a few positives and that's what I want to focus on. 

1. The simple things really are the best and going back to basics such as only exploring what is on our doorstep and not driving as well as enjoying quality time with each other are such a blessing. 

2. Discovering our local area - I'm really lucky to live just outside of the city between two mountains which has meant plenty of quiet mountain paths, woodlands and rivers to explore. 

3. The boys bond is slowly growing, they have at times over the years been quite fractious with each other but they are really starting to see the worth in each others company right now. 

4. The NHS and Frontline staff - well we really cannot express our gratitude to the frontline staff who are doing an incredible job to keep everyone safe right now, not only Doctors and Nurses but Care staff, delivery drivers, shopping assistants and everyone who has to go to work right now. 

5. Our health - so far we have all been well and trying to make sure we eat properly, get outdoors and stay active and fit - this really is a privilege right now as many people have obstacles in their way.

What are the things you are grateful for at the moment? 


  1. It's so important to practise gratitude - studies show we live happier lives by doing so, so I try to make my gratitude a daily habit. It's lovely to read that your sons' bond with each other is growing - how wonderful!

    1. It really is Lauretta but also something I find I need to my remind myself to do, especially at times like these

      Laura x

  2. I think it’s so important to find the positive or the lessons I’m this time. I’m enjoying now life has slowed down and being with my son without actually having adventures out. We’re having our own in the garden and it’s amazing. People are keeping in touch more too and I’m speaking to distant friends more than ever.


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