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While we are still on lockdown here in Wales, the restrictions have slowly started to ease, one being able to enjoy the outdoors again, safety of course. Unlike England, in Wales, we cannot drive to beauty spots and our outdoor time has to be taken from our front door, saying that a lot of Wales is rural or semi-rural and even our cities have plenty of green spaces so most have access to quiet outdoor spaces.

Just because you are heading off somewhere local it's still important to be prepared. I have some mountain and woodland paths near my home and on one outing two weeks ago we came across a couple where the woman had fallen and broken her ankle coming down a steep path - certainly not the ideal thing to do during lockdown (or at anytime).

The best way to prepare for an enjoyable, comfortable, and safe outing is to do a little planning in advance. Planning an outing with your family or members of your household is not only exciting but also relaxing despite having to stay local. By using things like the Ordnance Survey you can find local walks and trails and it's given myself lots of ideas for local hikes and adventures.

What to Bring on a local outing

1. Water Bottles

Whether you are going to the beach or just a picnic in the park, the sun might cause dehydration. Always ensure that you carry a bottle of water and put half of it as ice so that the water does not become too hot under the sun. This will not only save you money, but it will also keep your family hydrated.

2. Hand Sanitiser or Soap

It's really important to keep our hands clean at the moment and having a small hand sanitiser, antibacterial wipes (please dispose of these properly at home) or even soap which you can use with water is always a good idea especially with children as you never know when you may accidentally touch something such gate or stile on a woodland walk.

3. Basic First-Aid Kit

It's always a good idea to have some basic first aid kit on you whenever you are going on an outing such as plasters, antibacterial cream and even some painkillers. It is still good to be prepared for small injuries or emergencies. Always have a first-aid kit in your car and a smaller one in your bag, whether it is a day out at the beach or just a picnic at the park. You can get some items for your first-aid kit from US Med. US Med is known for procuring and distributing the highest quality, brand name medical equipment and supplies at reasonable prices.

If your going on a longer forest hike packing some extra emergency supplies such as maps, warm clothing, high energy foods, whistles, compasses, and flashlight will mean your always prepared

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4. Sunscreen
As we are starting to head towards summer it's important to consider popping a small sunscreen into your bag. You never know when you may get caught out especially with the ever-changing weather in the UK and you don't want to be on the side of a mountain or running around in a field in the midday sun without sunscreen

5. Pack extra layers

Always ensure that you bring some extra clothes with you, including warm clothes. The weather might abruptly turn wet, windy, or wet and getting caught out especially if you have kids isn't an enjoyable experience. Things to bring could include a sun hat, sunglasses, extra socks, light waterproof jackets.

6. Light Picnic blanket

As we are now allowed to spend a little more time outdoors and if you are heading off on a trail it's worth considering a small picnic blanket for a pit stop. Going with a lightweight material means it can dry up quickly should it get wet as well as be less heavy to carry. 


Outing Safety Tips during the lockdown

1. Head out during off-peak times to avoid other people
2. Do not meet up with others outside of your household
3. Research for local quiet spots, bridleways, woodland and mountain paths
4. Always be prepared and check the weather report for the day before you leave
5. Always pack foods in tight waterproof bags or containers and, if possible, keep them in an insulated cooler
6. If it is a hot day, keep hydrated by drinking water and avoid alcohol and sugary fluids
Protect yourself from direct sun by seeking shade, especially in midday hours

Getting outdoors to a park, forest or mountain walk is among the top relaxing places to be. They are often beautiful, breezy, and they offer a lot of activities for young and old as well. These are the places that provide a great escape from day-to-day activities. According to this article at, it is essential to bring the right items to ensure you are well prepared for a day out.


  1. These are such different times. It is good to be prepared when we leave the house. I was just talking about this yesterday with my husband because I put my hand sanitizer in a bag that I left at home and forgot it in the car. I will definitely be using your checklist!

  2. oh i can't can't can't wait to start going to parks, they just opened this week!!! Oh and camping, can't wait for camping.

  3. Great list of essentials! I'm hoping this summer everything will be open and back to normal so we can enjoy the outdoors :)

  4. Good things to note before heading out! Can't wait to hopefully go out on some adventures on my own soon once lockdowns ease up


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