Ways To Self-Heal Without Putting Your Health At Risk


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Health is our most precious asset and also one of our most elusive. Looking after our health requires time, and time, as it happens, is often lacking in these modern times. That’s why most people look for time-saving strategies to manage their health. Ultimately, when you work long hours throughout the week, it’s unlikely that your health problems land on top of your to-do list. Not that people don’t want to take care of themselves, but more often than not, our health is taken for granted until it becomes an issue and we really start to feel that burn out.

Often when we do start to struggle with unpleasant symptoms, many are more likely to consider a self-healing approach before seeing a professional, as long as it's fairly minor such as exhaustion, feeling run down, low immunity etc this approach can save you time and money. I believe in the power of self-care and a natural approach but of course if you are concerned about anything seek the advice of a professional always. 

You’d be surprised to know how many people share the self-managing perspective when it comes to their health. Many Britons are turning to alternatives in a first attempt to address their issues, a lot has to do with the long waiting lists to see GP, my mother recently made an appointment and she has to wait over 5 weeks to be seen, a lot of this is due to how much strain the NHS is under. 

When it comes to self-care sometimes it can be as simple as making some lifestyle changes but you need to understand not only the risk of self-healing practices but also the best way to make it a positive and healthy habit in your lifestyle. Here are some of the most helpful ways of using health-awareness approaches to look after yourself. 

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Fill your day with healthy foods

When the weather is cold and grey, as it is currently, the best thing you want is comfort food to keep you warm and satisfied. Comfort food is more than a little pot of joy that warms you from within. Home-cooked meals are rich in vitamins. Think of your favourite winter stew or soup, for instance. It filled with yummy vegetables, which give your meal all its flavours, and, more importantly, all its goodness. Ultimately, your body needs plenty of vitamins and minerals to function. While you can’t always keep the seasonal cold at bay, you can certainly ensure that your meals have everything to fuel your health. Besides, any day of the week, the homemade soup will always beat processed food. 

Value your sleep

While coffee can help you to make up for short night sleep, it doesn’t replace the benefits you get from rest. You need to sleep to maintain your health. Indeed, lack of sleep reduces your defence against infection and inflammation, putting your immune system at risk. Additionally, sleep also helps to target heart disease, diabetes and obesity, as it ensures your body can function to the fullest. To put it simply, sleep deprivation makes you sick. Make sure to get your 7 to 8 hours a night if you want to go through the flu season without problems! 

Staying active is good for you

Our sedentary lifestyle is a threat to our health. Indeed, did you know that exercise is necessary to support your main bodily functions? You don’t need to sign up for the next bootcamp workout, but maintaining regular levels of activity can significantly reduce your risk of chronic disease. Something as simple as walking more or registering to your local gym for a quick spin after work can do wonders to your health. Regular exercise reduces the risk of cancer, diabetes, and dementia, keeping both your immune system and your brain fit. More importantly, working out is the best thing you can do for your mental health. Think of it as a preventive approach to health management. 

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Ask a professional

You might not have time to book an appointment with your GP, but if you’re familiar with your condition, you can consider a doctor consultation online instead. Indeed, you can order the medication you need, assuming you fill an online questionnaire, which will be assessed by professionals from the medical body. As a result, someone who, for instance, struggle with a recurring but manageable condition could easily order their trusted brand online. Ideally, a professional can help to understand your symptoms and authorise the medication dispatch. More importantly, an online doctor acts as a safety mechanism which ensures you don’t take risks with your health. You can also pop to your local pharmacy and ask for the best off-the-counter treatment for mild symptoms, such as the flu, for example. Most people tend to forget that pharmacists are trained to help them with health complaints too.

Allow yourself to rest and recover

You need to rest. Nobody can give 100% all the time. Whether you’re working on an urgent project at work or you’re feeling under the weather, you need to allow yourself the right to recover, both mentally and physically. Relaxing is an art that too many of us have forgotten. Taking a couple of minutes to walk away from your desk and recentre your thoughts can help your brain to feel refreshed and lower your stress levels. Similarly, spending a day under the duvet when you’ve got a cold also allows your body to feel refreshed focus on healing. Whether physically or mentally, pushing through with a break serves no productive purpose. Learn to take the time to recover.

Know when to see a doctor

As independent as you want to be, you can’t manage your health alone. When off-the-counter medications don’t help, and your healthy routine fails to support your recovery, you have to make an appointment with a doctor. As precious as your time is, you can’t afford to neglect your health.

Developing your health awareness can help you to devise self-care strategies that can save you a lot of time. It’s fair to say that most people wait before seeing their GP. Learning to look after yourself by giving your body all the care and attention it needs can be a game-changer. But remember that when everything fails, your GP is the safest option.

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  1. Giving yourself the time to heal is so important and I think eating well really does make you feel better too :)

  2. I often neglect my own health being a busy working mum of two Boys. There are some useful points here thank you!

  3. I love the tips. I try to make time for self care everyday. So very important.


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