7 Things to NEVER Do at a Job Interview


Job Interview

Before becoming full-time freelancer I had a variety of jobs including working as a photographer assistant, in hotels, bars, offices and even a hospital as a case note filer. I have experienced a variety of interview situations and thought I would share a few tips to help you snag that job.

If you want the job, you need to make a good first impression during the job interview. You may have a good idea about some of the things you want to do. But, do you know what you should never do? Make sure to avoid these pitfalls or else the interview may blow up in your face. Interviewers will get annoyed if you do this.

1. Ask About Money Right Away

There may be some times during the interview where it’s appropriate to talk about money, especially if they end up asking you what your salary requirements are. But never start off the interview by asking, “How much will I get paid?”. If you make the impression that you only care about the money, your recruiters will be turned off.

2. Forget Your CV

Your interviewer will let you know if they’ve printed a copy of your resume so you don’t have to bring one. But never assume this is the case. Always have copies of your resume at the ready for quick reference.

3. Know Nothing About the Company

Whatever you do, do not be clueless about the organization you’re about to interview with. As an applicant, you will be asked if you’ve looked up the company and what you know. You will likely also be asked why you want to work for that company in particular. Answering with “I don’t know” is like an automatic out.

5. Arrive Late

One sure-fire way to annoy your interviewer is to arrive late or cancel last-minute. Give them the common courtesy of arriving early, or on time. If you must cancel, try to give them as much notice as possible - and you better have a logical reason why you can’t attend the interview at the scheduled time. Check out wallstreet mastermind blog for more info on what not to do during a job interview.


6. Talk Badly About A Previous Job

Want to talk yourself right out of a job? Start trash-talking your previous jobs. Your employer might ask why you left your previous place of employment, but that doesn’t give you permission to start speaking negatively about them. Even if you left your prior job on bad terms, don’t let the recruiter know that. State that you are looking for new opportunities or they had to let you go because they closed your job position.

7. Ask No Questions

At the end of your interview, the employer will ask, “Do you have any questions for us?” This is your chance to really show enthusiasm and interest in the job. Responding with “I have no questions” or “Nothing I can think of” will result in your employer getting annoyed. It shows you have a lack of intellectual curiosity.

8. Answer Your Ringing Phone

Your cell phone shouldn’t even be present during an interview. If it is, it needs to be off or silent. When your screen lights up or beeps, definitely don’t answer it. Nothing is more unprofessional than interrupting a scheduled meeting to answer your phone or respond to a text.

When it comes to an interview, know the company, dress appropriately, always be polite and speak clearly and go in with a positive mindset - those are my greatest tips. If you are however thinking of working from home then here are a few tips I wrote a while back. 



  1. Great tips here. Phones should be switched off to be safe.

    1. Yes 100% for sure, you don't want you phone going off during an interview

      Laura x

  2. Scary thought this, but when I had my last job interview mobile phones didn’t actually exist!!!

    1. Wow that is a long time ago! I think things have certainly changed now

      Laura x

  3. These are great tips! I will have to return to the working world at some point and just the idea of an interview scares me, so these are really helpful :)

    1. Yes interviews can be scary but also a very positive experience too

      Laura x

  4. There are some really great tips here for sure. Asking about money straight away and not knowing company info is a big no no xx

  5. As someone who used to conduct interviews a lot, it always shocked me how unprepared some candidates can be


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