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Lookiero box

*I was provided with a Lookiero box free of charge in exchange for an honest review 

Are you really busy? Do you struggle to find that balance between work, life, family, kids and everything else in between? You want to feel good in the clothes you wear and have your wardrobe updated for the season ahead but flat out have no time to get to the stores - well I hear you! I'm exactly in that position at the moment and because I am so short on time it means when I do get a spare hour or two, when I head to my favourite independent and high street stores I feel completely overwhelmed with choice and end up not knowing what to look for and coming away usually with nothing. That's where Lookerio comes in!

I was invited to try out the Lookerio service which is a personalised styling service delivered straight to your door! Now being someone who is fairly fussy and particular about the clothes I wear as well as being an awkward size (I'm just under 4ft11 so smaller than standard petite sizing) to be completely honest I was a bit apprehensive but wanted to go into this with an open mind.

Firstly I want to explain how the service works and if it really does save you time or is more hassle than it's worth. So, first of all, you create your profile which despite only taking 5mins to fill out is pretty in-depth.

black and white shirt

You start off by taking a quick style quiz which helps your stylist get an idea of your preferences when it comes to your look as well as what fit you prefer so fitted or loose clothing for example. It then asks for things like your body shape, size, eye & hair colour, height etc before moving on to what you're trying to achieve - so do you want to focus on workwear, casual or evening looks. I also like that it asks how adventurous you want to be with your box such as staying with the classics or being open to trying out new trends. It gives you some mood boards to choose from, again allowing your stylist to get a grasp of what you're into, as well as setting a budget for the clothes. Right at the end, it gives you the option to upload images of yourself so your personal shopper can get a real sense of you and what you're all about.

Once all of that is done you simply place your order and wait a few days for your Lookiero box to arrive. Another plus was the clothes come in a cardboard box and all of my garments were packed in paper not plastic which is great to see. You then have 5 days to try everything on and keep what you like and send back what you don't - simple as and you only pay for what you keep, with free deliveries and returns. You can also take advantage of a 25% discount if you decide to keep all 5 items.

Lookiero personal shopper

So what did my Lookiero box consist of?

Firstly I opted for more casual looks and I didn't want any dresses, skirts or scarfs in my box - which I am happy to say was the case. My Lookiero box consisted of a very cool black and white shirt, an instant favourite, then a really nice great jumper with lettering - again this was very me. Both of these paired up really well with the more relaxed regular cut black trousers and small black satchel bag. The only item I wasn't sure about, mainly because of the colour was the coral t-shirt, but I would like to point out it's really soft and I do like the lettering.

I was genuinely surprised at how right they got things - especially the shirt, jumper and trouser combo - these were items I would naturally go for in stores but without any of the searching out for them, here they were all nice packaged and delivered to me with zero stress. All the labels were European and even though I hadn't heard of any of them I was very impressed with the overall quality of the clothing as well as the pricing and felt everything was excellent value for money as well as really time-saving.

grey jumper

So how much does it cost?

While postage and returns are free, the personal shopper service costs £10, however, if you keep at least one item from your Lookiero, the service will be free, there is also a code MYLOOKIERO allows you to try your first box without the £10 charge. Also if you keep all 5 items you get 25% off the entire purchase.

Would I use Lookiero again?

YES! I was impressed with how easy it was to set up a profile, delivery was quick, clothing choices excellent and felt they had really listened to my needs and requirements and both quality and pricing was on point.

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  1. Sounds like a great service! I love that sweatshirt they picked out!

  2. Love the way this is styled. Pin striped shirts are my thing

  3. This is great and the clothes look amazing too. We like the idea with the quiz in the beginning and that you have a little time until you decide what to keep or send back!

  4. the bag looks lovely! very comfy and stylish. i would use it often too. Great shirt and glasses as well - that's something I'd love to wear for daily stuff

  5. Seems like a great service. I have not used a personal shopper before but i do admire their work on some of my friends.

  6. This is so lovely! How I wish I was as talented and could pull off such a look.

  7. Love the styling of this one! I definitely feel that I could pull this version

  8. The stripes are looking great.

    I am going to try this one for sure.

  9. They really got your style and vibe right. These outfits look great on you.

  10. Love this look! Very androgynous

  11. How have I never heard of this before? This sounds really cool. I'll definitely try.



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