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Standup Paddle-boarding in Cardiff Bay with Letzshare


I've done a fair bit of Paddleboarding before in some beautiful places such as the River Wye and River Avon but I've never actually done it in Cardiff so when Letzshare put an improvers day together, launching from Channel View and paddling a 6k round trip to the Millenium Stadium, I was like "hell yes" sign me up.

For those who don't know Letzshare is a community that encourages women to get together and try new things or improve on the skills they already have. I have done a surfing session and dry board snowboarding session and well it speaks for itself that I keep rebooking with them. I love the supportive and encouraging atmosphere as well as having the chance to get outdoors and active with like-minded women.

Cardiff SUP

As this session was for those who had dome paddleboarding before and were already comfortable with standing, turning and stopping, it meant we could get on the water a little quicker after a brief safety check. It was also nice to tackle slightly more challenging conditions as even though it was sunny and dry there was at times some serious head-on winds as well as navigating a commercial waterway with riverboats creating wake every 10min or so.

What I love about Paddboaridng is how accessible it is and I always tell people that it's much easier than it looks as the boards, in general, are so buoyant. It helps that I've done a fair amount of surfing as well as skateboarding so of course, one board sport feeds into another but if your looking for an enjoyable low impact sport than paddleboarding is worth trying out. 

SUP cardiff

I love getting on the water so it was the perfect way to spend a Sunday and all the other ladies were fantastic. There was one or two who had an unexpected dip - mainly from the wake created from the boats but everyone had an adventurous spirit. I can't wait to see what Letzshare has in store for the rest of the year so if your Cardiff or South Wales based then do check them out and if you need any more inspo check out my vlog below


  1. Wow! This looks like great fun. I would love to give paddle boarding a try one day. Although I think I would fall off!

  2. I'm not great with water but my husband would love something like this. It does look fun.

  3. I wish I loved water as much as you, I can't swim so any water activities give me hypertension lol.

  4. Oh wow this looks like a lot of fun, but seriously challenging too! It's something I would love to give a go in the future :)

  5. I love the ideal of paddle boarding, and then I get all squirmy thinking about what could be under the water and chicken out. It does look so much fun though so I hope one day I'm brave enough to give it a go

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  7. I lived in Cardiff for a couple of months, but never knew this existed. I'm not sure I'd be brave enough!

  8. Looks like such a fun way to spend a few hours. I can imagine it to be quite challenging though

  9. Thanks for Shearing GreatArticle!!
    Must Read it………

  10. The only time I fell in with a paddleboard was when I was faced with the wake of two boats - I quite enjoyed the dip though as it was a hot sunny day

  11. I have been paddle boarding on holiday but never tried it at home so think I will check out if there is anywhere local that offers paddle boarding.


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