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More than Veg with Little Freddie

As some of you may know I am working with the modern thinking small organic baby and toddler food company that is Little Freddie, a collaboration I am really proud to be apart of as I feel they are unique to other products on the market. The major reason is taking on board the need to have fully recyclable food pouches and I have talked before about Little Freddies Big Green Plan in which you are provided a recycling bag with any purchase from their website with free postage to send the pouches back to be fully recycled. They also use only the best ingredients and I can feel at ease with my toddler asks for a snack when we are out and about and I can provide him a healthy and well balanced smoothie or meal pouch on the go with no compromise on health as it's all organic and free from additives and preservatives.

This post is all about the two new exciting flavours called "More Than Veg" which is not only packed with veggies but also incorporates the powers of seeds and pulses and both happen to be vegan but still offer an excellent source of protein and fibre. Both pouches have been a hit with my toddler and personally I just love the flavour combinations as they are the type of flavours I would enjoy as an adult which is another thing I really like about Little Freddie, they don't "dumb" down the food for children's palettes but rather introduce them to as many exciting flavours and ingredients as possible and broadening their tastes.

The More than Veg pouches are the nourishing Butternut Squash, Red Lentils and Coconut with a dash of tomatoes and the second pouch is the wholesome Carrot, Chickpeas and Pumpkin seed butter and I know I would never think of adding Pumpkin seed butter to my toddlers meals so it's been fantastic to see him gobble these down and it's made me want to experiment more with our own meals.

I am constantly impressed with what Little Freddie keeps coming up with and their snacks and pouches are forward thinking and a real life saver for modern parents on the go that deeply care about their children's nutritional needs and I am really looking forward to whats next

*I am currently working as an Ambassador with Little Freddie and this is a sponsored post 


  1. I think small companies like this produce some amazing products. These are so handy to get extra veg into your kids

  2. This sounds like some great little packages for kids! A fun way to get more veg into their diet.

  3. These sound great for little ones. I would have liked something like this for little J when he was younger.

  4. The flavour combinations sound great! Different from the usual standard offerings.

  5. These sound so tasty! I think i would have as a snack haha

  6. I think it's such a nice idea that you can send back the packaging to be recycled as I'm sure it doesn't cost them much money but it's a massive help for the environment x

  7. Must admit I have never heard of Little Freddie before but love the look of their products especially as their pouches are fully recyclable and the ingredients they use are organic.

  8. I wish there had been more options such as these snacks when my two were little!

  9. The recycling element of this is a great idea! Most products should come with a similar offer to have packaging recycled for you xx


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