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Little Freddie paving the way with Recyclable Food Pouches

Organic food

As you already may know I am working with a fantastic small family driven organic food company called Little Freddie. It's a dream partnership for me as I am passionate about providing my kids with healthy and nutritious food and being really busy and on the go Little Freddies Food pouches are just a great option for me as they are packed with the best ingredient with no preservatives, additives or any hidden nasties at all. I also feel reassured by their passion as a small company who have researched every flavour combination, have visited the growers of the fruit and vegetable included and have poured their hearts and souls into making the best pouches on the market. I have also been lucky enough to have attended a focus group earlier this year, try out some of their products right at the early stages and meet the founders and be able to put a face to a name and I am over the moon that they have been taking on board feedback from their customers, especially with regards to green and more sustainable options and making real changes because of it, which I will go into more detail about now.

Food pouch recycling

When I first started working with Little Freddie one of the first comments I had on my instagram after posting some photos about their organic pouches was from a mother who loved the concept but didn't like the idea of single use plastic. I like many other parents are waking up to the issues our world is facing and are trying to reduce our plastic use at every opportunity so I completely empathised with this concern. However again like many mothers today I work, I juggle school runs, parenting groups, outdoor adventures on top of cooking and life admin and pouches can be a real lifeline to keep those hangry moments at bay but still the idea of single use plastic is something that doesn't sit easy with many today including myself. So saying that I am extremely excited to announce that Little Freddie are rolling out the first innovative pouch recycling scheme where nothing and I mean NOTHING ends up in landfill as part of their Big Green Plan! A UK Game changer I know!!

organic food pouch

So to sum it up in a nutshell, when you order online a box of Little Freddies organic pouches you automatically get sent a recycling bag with pre-paid postage. Once you finish all of your pouches you simply put the lid in your normal recycling, pop the pouches into the recycling bag and send them for free in the post then each component of the pouch is recycled so the aluminium is reused into materials such as pouches and the plastic is recycled into oil. So easy so doable and just the kind of modern forward thinking we need to see in the baby market today

It just goes to show that smaller companies really can put plans in place to make a difference, be more sustainable and listen to the needs of their customers which is what Little Freddie are doing and because of this are now the first baby food brand to offer a sustainable and zero waste recycling scheme and a brand I am proud to be associated with.

You can also find more way on how this company is working towards being as sustainable as possible over on their website.

Recycling food pouches

Little Freddie recycling

I work as an Little Freddie Ambassador 


  1. Oh, these organic pouches are such a great idea. Amazing that every aspect can be recycled!

  2. What a wonderful idea! I wish more companies did things like this.

  3. This is a lovely idea. Good Little Freddie has paved the way with recycling pouches.

  4. What a fabulous idea! It’s about time someone thought of that! And free postage too is excellent x

  5. Well done to them for making these pouches recyclable. I think that is so important in this day and age

  6. I love the recycling efforts they are going to. Good for them!

  7. What a great idea re the recycling. Good on them!

  8. What a lovely company and great to see them leading the way with recyclable pouches!

  9. That's absolutely amazing. I do wish more companies could follow their lead.

  10. These look great, I love that more companies are going down the green route!

  11. What a brilliant idea, love seeing companies going green

  12. What a brilliant idea, it's not something you would ever think a brand would offer. However it solves so many plastic issues.

  13. I do like that this brand looked at the solution to many parent's worries, as we are all trying to do our bit for the environment.

  14. In whatever way continue writing.


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