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I love getting outdoors, having always been active and one for an adventure I also know how important it is to make sure you have the right clothes for the occasion. Making sure your dress appropriately will mean enjoying what your doing that much more, no one likes being cold and wet on a hike or too hot for that matter so when it comes to outdoor pursuits investing in some decent clothing is key, also they tend to last much longer making it a much more economical choice long-term. I do think that outdoor clothing gets a bit of a bad wrap for not being cool, on trend or stylish and that simply isn't true! The people over at Simply Hike have asked me to put together an outdoor wish list of what looks great but will keep you outdoor ready this winter season so if you have some adventures planned to take a look.

One of the most important things if your planning on heading outdoors for a few hours during the colder months is a good jacket and fleece and opting for a decent jacket is an investment that will pay off. Here are 3 jackets and a fleece that I think are perfect for those who want to enjoy the fresh air but not the biting cold

1. Salomon Womens Icetown Jacket - If your looking for the Ultimate winter weather jacket then this down-insulated jacket that offers waterproof protection is great if your heading to the slopes or just hiking in the forest. Not only is it super cosy and comfy it's also pretty stylish too 

2. The North Face Womens Apex Jacket - This jacket offers you full protection from the elements with it's Gore-Tex shell which is both waterproof and breathable and the added bonus of a soft inner knit face that keeps you toasty.  

3. Roxy Womens Hoody - using Roxy Warmflight technology which helps keep body heat in and water out by replying water for a faster drying time. It also has an oversized hoody and cosy hand warmer pockets, perfect for under a winter jacket. 

4. Roxy Womens 3 in 1 Jacket - If your looking for something really versatile then this is it! This parker has an inner and outer jacket which can be worn separately depending on the weather. The outer is lightweight and waterproof while the inner is a warm fleece that will keep you warm in very cold weather.

Of course accessories are also very important and keeping ur extremities warm and dry so having a good set of gloves, scarf, hat and either warm hiking boots or Wellies with decent winter socks is key.
Here are a few accessories I am loving at the moment.

1. Evercreatures Wellies - I love the fun print on these waterproof and crack resistant wellies. They are durable with good outer grip and perfect for having fun outdoors.

2. Dakine Womens Beanie - really nice classic ribbed knit beanie to keep your head warm throughout winter. Fully lined with a soft warm fleece and finished with a cute faux fur pompom.

3. Womens Roxy Premiere Gloves - these are designed to be the best in waterproofing and warmth using Roxy's Hydrosmart Technology and they are also pretty good looking too!

So if your heading off on a city break to somewhere snowcapped or being more adventurous and hitting the slopes or even if your just exploring what is on your doorstep make sure your dress for the weather before heading out.

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  1. Some fantastic items here. It's really given me some great ideas for Christmas!

  2. We are always outdoors and need wellies, hats and gloves all the time! Some lovely ideas here.

  3. Wow I would love so many of these pieces, as we spend a lot of time outside as a family! I really like the idea of the 3 in 1 Parka :)

  4. We love the look and design of the Evercreatures Wellies! Great selection of products for the winter season x

  5. I love Simply Hike. They have some very good pieces. Love all the items you got here.

  6. Always good to keep well wrapped up on a hike. I've just bought a coat to keep snug and warm xx

  7. I have those wellies! And I want that beany hat with the bobble!

  8. I love this shop and their clothes! I am always cold so need to be wrapped up at all times!

  9. I love simply hike and have just ordered some bits for now the colder months :)

  10. If you dress well being outdoors can be great no matter what the weather. I love those boots, I can see they would be a great investment

  11. I have that North Face jacket, and can confirm it's lovely and cozy! These are great ideas, especially for this time of year.

  12. Simply Hike is my go to place for outdoor gear now, always have good offers on

  13. We have used simply hike before too and they are fab.


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