5 Meaningful Gifts for Mothers this Christmas


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Gender roles aside, Mother's or those who assume a mothering role,  are often the glue that is holding things together plays while we are often balancing work life, home life, family admin, school runs and everything in between. Personally, I know there are many times when we prioritise everything else before ourselves as long as our family is happy and healthy and it's true what they say I know appreciate my own mother a hundred times over seeing how many balls she had juggling in the air at all times. I think that it's really important for every role in the household to be celebrated although acknowledging everything a mother does really goes a long way, especially when parenting comes with so many highs and lows, even if it's just treating her to a cup of coffee & baked treat. Here are a few meaningful ways to show the woman in your life that you car.

1. Never underestimate the power of a homemade Card

It may be a little cliche and perhaps I'm just a sucker for anything my kids make but my mother still has all the homemade Birthday and Christmas cards I made her and they are just really lovely and meaningful keepsakes. Cards as simple as they may be are also the perfect way for both adults and children to express how they feel, plus is a great little activity for a rainy day. 


2. Share captured memories in Printed Photos

We live in such a digital world these days that we hardly ever get physical printed photos anymore yes they are some of the best ways to relieve memories, milestones and holidays away. Photobooks take a little bit of time and effort to put together which is why I would love my kids to do it for me! Even if you don't fancy making a big photo book then a few of your favourite family shots framed it equally special or you can even get photo boxes which keeps loose photos safe. 

3. Style that gives back

This Giovanna Fletcher collaboration with Selfish Mother is fair wear certified and made from 100% organic cotton and best of all is 50% of the retail price is donated to MOTHERS2MOTHERS a charity that empowers mothers to help break the cycle of paediatric aids. This is such a cool way to celebrate motherhood in a fun and stylish way but also give back, feel good vibes all round.

mama tee

4. Get baking

I love to bake with the kids but what makes it even sweeter is someone else baking for me (and tidying up the mess in the process)! Again another great rainy day activity and also a very budget friendly one. Nothing tastes better than a homemade cake!

5. Let her choose

As a parent, my free time is precious to me and I am a big believer in self-care so having the opportunity to treat myself in my own time with or without my partner is perfect, which is why I love the idea of vouchers such as One4All which is great for retail therapy or a nice meal out at a variety of restaurants. Another option is Virgin Experience Days, in fact a few years back just after having my youngest, I headed to a Babylon rooftop restaurant in Kensington for a delicious day out and was the perfect post-having a baby treat. 

virgin experience day

I always find the most special presents are the ones of sentimental value and that create lasting memories, it doesn't really matter about cost as many of these are free or budget-friendly, it's all about celebrating the ones you love and making them feel special and acknowledged.

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  1. Love your top, I bought the Christmas Crackers one :) I love receiving handmade gifts, anything from my kids would be great.

    1. Ohh yes handmade is the best!! Ohh I nearly go the Christmas Cracker one too lol

      Laura x

  2. Oh I agree, I love spending time picking a present that really fits someone. It's much nicer to receive something that you know someones really thought about, despite how much was spent on it.

    Katie xoxo

    1. I totally agree! I love a good old handmade card! All the feel good vibes

      Laura x

  3. Ohh thats cool to hear, what is your blog?

    Laura x

  4. I love experience days, they are so much fun. I prefer to receive these as it creates fantastic memories

  5. I really adore homemade cards that have been made with hand and lots of love being put into them!


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