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Scandi interior

As we are actually planning to put our house on the market soon - yes I know I have been saying that for a while but really we are gearing up for it now, I thought I'd share a little interior inspiration with you. When it comes to making your house look more expensive there are a few tips and tricks that will help you get there. Increasing the value of your home is a lot down to its appearance, so attention to interior design is crucial. Today, we are going to talk about a specific home furnishing that will help you in making your house more luxurious - rugs. This post brings you the styles, sizes and even layouts that are best when choosing rugs for design purposes.

Patterned Designs

Patterns are hugely trendy right now, and living room rugs with patterns are a great way to give dimension to the room and make it look bigger. Even if bold and bright patterns aren’t for you, there are plenty of patterned rugs that focus instead on softer colours and subtle designs. If colour and eye-catching looks are what you’re after than a patterned rug is a definite must. Trends are now moving away from neutral tones in favour for richer colours. This, paired with a geometric pattern, for example, can give you a gorgeous contemporary look. A word of caution for this look tough, don’t use too many patterns in any one room. Excessive use of mixed patterns can drown a room and make it look and feel small and cluttered. Use the rug as your centrepiece and work the rest of your smaller accessories around it.

Soft Colour Palette
In case patterns aren’t your cup of tea, don’t worry, soft colours aren’t quite done with us yet. They are still incredibly useful when looking for a minimalistic style. Soft colours offer a calming and relaxing atmosphere and are very popular for rugs when giving bringing a Scandinavian or Hygge inspired look to your home.

scandi interior

Size and Layout

The layout is very important to get the look you want for the room, it ideally needs to be well centralised. The reason for this is because the rug needs to give balance to the room. A misplaced rug will make the room look chaotic and untidy. In the living room, it is better if it placed in the seating area, such as in front of or in the middle of sofas and armchairs. This will help in giving you that soft and warm feeling underfoot since this is where you will be most likely to kick back at the end of a long day. In a bedroom, however, it will look better at the foot of the bed. As for size, this will vary depending on what room you are planning to use the rug.

For living rooms you will be better off with big rug to help create the illusion of more space. This is crucial when you’re looking at selling your property and space is the key selling factor. In a bedroom or kids playroom a smaller rug is better. You’re likely to have carpet in these rooms anyway so you don’t want to add too much texture to a floor. If you don’t have a carpeted bedroom floor, an area rug would be a great idea for bringing back some of that warmth to a room. It also makes getting out of bed easier when you know you’re not got a cold floor to step on!


Shaggy Rugs

Shaggy rugs are very popular at the moment as they are often used for the Hygge look. Their long pile and thickness will add texture to the room. They have a warm feeling underfoot which, coupled with their fluffy look, will add a touch of cosiness to the room. Shaggy rugs are perfect for the living room, but work very well in bedrooms too. Perfect for a luxurious and plush aesthetic.

When looking to attract potential buyers or renters for your property, looks are everything. Rugs are a great way of creating professionally finished homes that will jump out at viewers. We hope this post has helped give you some inspiration!

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  1. You have loads of great ideas here. I need to do my house up to stay!

  2. We have wood floors and are definitely missing some warmth underfoot so are looking for some new rugs at the moment. We'd love to sell and move up but with property prices the way they are at the moment, we'll be staying put for a bit longer!


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