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5 sweet & simple things to do this summer

summer bliss

Summertime in the UK is a glorious season (when the rain lets up that is) of sun, garden parties, Pimms and outdoor adventures. I love when these warmer months roll around and I can break out my go-to summer outfits and enjoy spending time in the fresh air with the kids. There’s quite a few things on my to-do-list this summer, easy days out and new places to visit and as always we have a bucket list of things we try to achieve each year. If you need a little inspiration – or just want to get the kids out of the house – here are five small things to bring you and your family some enjoyment this summer.

Hendrewennol Fruit farm

Pick your own fruit

One simple joy in life is being able to harvest your own fruit and veg, whether it be in your own allotment or garden, or at one of the many farms around the country. We have a small vegetable patch in our garden but this past year we have taken a break, mainly because my 2yr finds pulling everything we plant out as a game we are going to focus on next year while we get out of this tricky toddler faze. So instead we have been enjoying Hendrewennol Fruit Farm in the Vale of Glamorgan, it's a fantastic place and their Raspberries and Strawberries are so juicy and the kids love the hay bales to climb on.

maze fun

Navigate a Maze

During the summer across the UK corn mazes pop up and it's something my kids love! Of course there are bigger all year round ones such as Longleat and Hampton Court which provide a whole day out of fun and excitement capturing the simple pleasure of a challenge and curiosity. The great thing about Mazes is they are fun for all ages and I think I enjoy trying to find the centre as much as the kids do.

Visit the Forbidden Forest

If you have any Harry Potter enthusiasts in your family, visiting Warner Bros Studios in London is a must. New to 2017, you can even duck past the Whomping Willow and head straight into the Forbidden Forest while there. You’ll run into many magical creatures, including Hippogriffs and Acromantulas, so I hope you’re not afraid of spiders! The Game Keeper and Care of Magical Creature’s professor Hagrid also has his costume on display

Build a den

This is a great activity for both sunny and rainy days as you can do it inside or out. We love to head up to the forest and make dens, this keeps both boys entertained for a while as we'll as being outdoors and in the fresh air, we always take a few baked treats with us to eat under the den. Building a den is also one of the 50 things to do before you are 11 3/4's, a fun challenge set by the National Trust to encourage children to get their hands dirty and connect with nature 

homemade ice lolly

Make your own Ice Lollies

I know we all like to enjoy an ice-cream or ice-lolly practically any time of the year but the are exceptionally wonderful and sweet on a hot summers day and a great way to cool down as well. The thing about ice-lollies is they are so easy to make with the kids making it the most perfect edible craft this summer. Check out this super easy vitamin C packed ice lolly that also sneaks some healthy carrot into the mix.

Do you have any fun summer plans or other small things that bring you joy this time of year? Let me know in the comments below.

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  1. I love this post - the photos are incredible :)

    Coming over from #CountryKids xxx

  2. I think we are doing well on this list, we have been strawberry picking, built dens, eaten melon in the garden - the whole melon - and made strawberry ice cream from our PYO. I do love the summer holidays for all these lovely simple things to do together. Only the weather stopped play today but we will be back on it again tomorrow.
    Thank you for sharing some lovely ideas on #CountryKids

    1. Wow you have done really well Fiona!! Thats amazing

      Laura x

  3. Harry Potter was my kids favourite place they visited when we came home last summer and top of their list for when we come back again. My kids favourite this year has been making mud cakes, and whittling sticks #countrykids

  4. It really is the small things that can make a difference. We haven't picked fruit yet this year and we need to. Thanks for the reminder, I'm off to google and find out where we can. Mich x #CountyKids

    1. PYO is such a fun thing to do with kids, we do it every year and always look forward to it

      Laura x

  5. I used to love strawberry picking when I was younger, it's so much fun!

  6. There is always time for Den building, we don't have kids but that doesn't stop me wanting my own fort!

  7. Love picking fruit and we've been making our own ice lollies today - much more fun than getting them from the shop! Love the sound of being able to visit the Forbidden Forest :-) #countrykids

  8. Can highly recommend all these apart from the Harry Potter one as not done that yet. I am sure the kids would love it but I hate Harry Potter! Love that the ideas are so simple and achievable and most of them are timeless too as I remember doing them with my parents

  9. Loved this post Laura and totally agree with your ideas. Fruit picking is just the epitome of summer. We have ticked most of these off except the forbidden forest - I only wish we were closer to London ! Sounds wonderful. Such beautiful photos too. Popping by from #countrykids.

  10. I have a feeling that I'd have to weigh the girls going in and afterwards if they heard about pyo farms. We are trying to grow our own fruit this year but the girls haven't realised you can't pick them when they are green! #CountryKids


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