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Forrest & Fox

I really enjoyed featuring and showcasing local talent and small businesses and as some may know that I studied photography at University so its certainly something I am passionate about and I always get very excited when I come across creative projects that are inspiring and unique, especially from home grown independent businesses. I actually stumbled across Forrest & Fox on Facebook when it somehow came up in my feed showcasing their amazing portraits and new "The Wild Ones" event so when they got in touch it let me know more about this it seemed perfect as they are based in Swansea which is just over a half an hour drive from me.

I have to be honest, we have never taken the kids for a photoshoot for the simple reason is I really don't like the white background, cheesy smiles and harsh flash. It can be hard to find photographers who think out of the box and really aim to capture the uniqueness of each child not just a conveyor belt of similar photos, which is why I am really taken with this new approach to studio photography.

forrest & fox

This exciting and bright start up company have put together a really fun and immersive photography experience to help capture the wild in all children which they built on from the success of their Fairy Photoshoot experience.

The Wild Ones event is all about capturing the individuality of each child and creating photos that have a high-end movie like quality that are timeless and beautiful. This approach for both boys and girls is something that is pretty unique in children photography. The sets are also fun and allow the child to really get involved with props and costumes and the photographers work to get the most organic and expressive images.

natural photography

What I really like about their work it's suitable for both boys and girls and being the mother of two boisterous boys I know they would love dressing up, painting their face, acting like wildlife rangers, Bear Grylls or children of the forest and getting really involved. My eldest can be shy at times but I know he would quickly get into the swing of things and the photographers aim to make it as fun of an experience as possible. 

Forrest & Fox are bringing this new style of child studio photography not only to Wales but also Bristols this summer. The Wild Ones will be in Swansea on the 28th-30 July, Newport on the 11th-13th August and Bristol on the 26th-28th. You can see their work and book a place at

wild child


  1. Oh wow. Those pictures are amazing and I completely agree, I prefer pictures taken from a different perspective than the traditional whirr background.

    1. I know right! So nice to see something so different and unique when it comes to portrait photography

      Laura x

  2. The photos are absolutely stunning, and miles from a white backdrop and forced smiles. Gorgeous! x

  3. wow the pictures are beyond words, it will be great if you can do a post on photography tips!

  4. A lovely idea, and the results are really enchanting.

  5. I saw this advertised. It looks good. Unfortunately we are away for it x

  6. These are just beautiful! I love the idea, so much more imaginative and these photos remind me of Peter Pan, there is so much magic in each one x

  7. These are such gorgeous images, and I agree... so much nicer than the stark white background portraits. x

  8. Wow! these are so unusual - what a fab idea for a shoot!

  9. These look incredible! So different and unusual

  10. Wow, I love this! Studio shots can often link so a kind of sterile look. It's great to see a company doing something a bit different.

  11. oh my gosh these are amazing!! I love the way ko one is staged as such.

  12. Lovely photos. What a great concept. My two nature lovers would love this idea!


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