Street style and my favourite Dr Martens


Pixie cut

It's been a while since I did a street style post and that is mainly because I have been attempting to minimalise my wardrobe and put together a more streamline capsule wardrobe of my favourite pieces - I am getting there slowly, I also want to update my wardrobe somewhat, which I like to do at the start of each year, so on the style front everything is having some what of an overhaul.

I met up with the wonderful Fritha from Tigerlilly Quinn and the talented photographer Sarah Lou in Stoke Croft, the creative district of Bristol for coffee, cake and a wander around this visually inspiring place. You may remember last year I did a little work with Dr Martens and their Kids school range, my eldest absolutely loves his Docs and seriously can you get cooler school shoes? I think not.

White denim

Stokes Croft

I have a few pairs, in fact I picked up some a few weeks ago, they are just so long lasting and never go our of style. I wanted to share one of my favourite pairs, while I love the classic black boots I do love the material ones. I paired them up with a white pair of jeans and black denim jacket from Topshop and shirt from Zara.

finger tattoo


  1. Love those shoes and pairing them up with the white jeans! Great style

  2. Doc Martens are great and very comfy esp. fr this holiday hikes :) I love my pair! Julie Syl Kalungi

  3. I have never owned a pair of Docs and friends of mine lived in theirs as we grew up x

  4. I live in my Doc Marten boots. Now I'm tempted to get a pair of lace ups. They look great!

  5. I love this outfit. Denim jackets are a staple, and I love how you've styled your Docs.
    Alana x

  6. I'd love a pair of Doc Martens, they go great with jeans x


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