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New York

I love nothing more than planning trips, what we are going to see and do, working out the best way to navigate local transport systems and staring at maps for hours while imagining what is going to be like actually walking the streets of that destination. I still cannot believe that even though I have been to 25+ countries, including the US and even far flung islands like St Helena, I have never been to New York City.

John however has been three times and I know it would be fantastic to go with him which and the plan is to celebrate his 40th at Toms Diner which is in just over 2yrs time. As we do a fair amount of travel there is a good likelihood we may visit this amazing city before than but either way its time to start planning what I would love to see and do. We plan to have around a week in the city and while both John and I have similar interests he is a huge fan of The Warriors movie as well as shows like Seinfeld and have been to Coney Island, Greenwich Village, downtown Manhattan and few spots where they filmed these but I would want to shop for records, browse vintage stores and art galleries as well as walk over the Brooklyn Bridge and spend at least a day exploring Williamsburgh.

Art museum

1. Take in modern art at the Guggenheim

First of all the exterior of this museum which is found on 5th Avenue is iconic in itself and the building design is fascinating for interior lovers such as myself. I also find wandering around the Tate Gallery in London relaxing and inspiring and I know I would feel the same taking in all the greats of the impressionist, modern and contemporary art. The collection at the Guggenheim is always growing and is a museum now engrained in Manhattans history. The museum is also near Ralph's Coffee Shop - another place to visit on my to do list.

2. Explore central park by bike

You can't go to New York and now take a stroll through Central Park and I always think the best way to explore a city is either by foot or bike and with the park being so big and with so much to see, the quickest and easiest way is by bike. So many films have been shot in this park such as the famous lunch scene from "When Harry met Salt" at the Central Park Boathouse restaurant as well as Wollman Rink from "Serendipity" and "Home Alone 2" as well as the park being used as a film location for films such as You've Got Mail, Elf, Sex in City and many more. When it comes to New York Sightseeing a bike tour through Central Park is high on the list.

Central Park

3.  Walk the High Line

For those who don't know the High Line is a public park built on a historic freight rail line elevated above the Manhattan West Side. This is a great place if your with kids as there is so much going on from live music, pop-up food stalls, warm summer evenings spent chilling on one of the sun beds or dipping your feet into one of the fountains. There is also the two-block-long Chelsea thicket to explore which has a miniature forest of dogwoods, hollies and a variety of fauna right in the heart of the city.

Street Art

4. Street Art and Coffee Shops of Williamsburg

Williamsburg is hipster central when it comes to finding the next big thing or creative like minded and forward thinking individuals. From what I have heard you will be really spoilt for choice when it comes to cafe culture, pop-up food and street food markets and up and coming independent fashion labels. There is also an abundance of amazing street art as well as weekend flea markets, record stores and of course a visit to Brooklyn Brewery.

Yellow cab

5. Take a yellow cab across the Brooklyn Bridge (and walk back)

Yellow cabs to New York are what Black Cabs are too London and when your in the city you have to enjoy at least one ride in a taxi and why not across the Brooklyn Bridge where you can take that iconic city scape at dawn and then treat yourself to some delicious breakfast pastries at Jacques Torres's Almondine just across the bridge which apparently has amazing Eclairs and Croissants.

Have you been to the Big Apple? What would be on your bucket list for the city of what have you seen that you would recommend as a "must do" when your in the city.

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  1. I've never been to new York but I think I would have to go in December to see all the shop displays and especially the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree.

  2. This is really useful as we are going in October. Why is Tom's diner so good? I can't wait to walk the Highline. I also want to go to Ellis Island and the museum there as well as ground zero.

    1. Tom's Diner is seen loads of times in Seinfeld and is also the inspiration for Suzanne Vegas song - Toms Diner x

  3. I've never been to New York before. I'd love to visit around Christmas time and walk through Central Park in the snow!

    1. Yes Christmas in New York would be magical

      Laura x

  4. I think it would be good to go with someone who has been before. I've only spent a day in New York so there are lots of things I would still like to see.

  5. I would love to take a yellow cab! I love the idea of a trip to new york! One day it could be a reality!

  6. I have never been to NY but would love to go

  7. These are some fantastic tips and The High Line sounds really interesting, going to bookmark this post

    Kate x


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