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When your a child birthdays are always joyous occasions full of excitement and the same when your a parent but there is also a hint of the bittersweet. As a mother of course I want my boys to grow up to be strong confident young men but equally its hard to wave goodbye to my baby and enter toddlerhood which is quickly followed by a young adventurous boy and then suddenly pre-teens are around the corner and so it goes on but not to wish the time away, in fact that is the exact opposite because right now I'd like to press a pause button for a while. 2 is such an exciting age, my littlest is full of character and personality and is like a parrot when it comes to talking and copying everything we say and it's been such a pleasure and gift to parent this happy little boy.

forest baby

To not be to melancholy about my baby turning a year older I am actually really excited about what this year holds for all of us. Already he has been on so many adventures with us from France to Finland and loads in between, he is such a happy go lucky boy who takes everything in his stride with a big smile on his face. Isn't funny that you don't know what your child is going to look like or be like but they naturally become the perfect fit for your family, him and his brother are completely different people which is great as their interests are so varied and individual.

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The great thing about Birthdays is it's also a fantastic reminder to parents about being mindful and present as I know it's a huge cliche but time really does fly by and these moments while they are so young and full of curiosity is so short lived, I also fear that is I feel so up and down now about my kids growing older who knows how I am going to feel when they leave home for University, I foresee total empty nest syndrome coming on! So here's to you my littlest boy, you make us so proud and we can't wait to discover even more about you over the next year of discovery.


  1. I think you're right they are a reminder to be present in the now. I am very conscious of this as my 'baby' turns 10 next month and double figures feels very high.

    1. Oh wow 10! I know my eldest is going to be 7 this year and I can't believe it

      Laura x

  2. I know exactly what you mean about birthdays being bittersweet! I'm so happy mine are getting the chance to grow older, I'd just like to keep them little for a bit longer! I hope he had a great birthday!

  3. I know exactly what you mean about them being bittersweet. Such beautiful pictures. Sounds like he's had an awesome couple of years and you've been on lots of adventures already x


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