3 unique sunny European Destinations for Spring


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I always find coming out of winter into spring is the time I start to long for sunshine the most as the slightly warmer days seem to remind one of feeling the warmth of the sun on your skin more than ever. While the UK doesn't really warm up until the middle of the year there are many wonderful and easily accessible places across Europe that make for the perfect break away to top up on your tan and Vitamin D, also travelling this time of the year is perfect for families with young kids as you can benefit from the out of season savings as well as avoiding the stifling summer heat.

When passing local travel agents you see loads of specials for places like Palma, Lagos, Ibiza and while there is absolutely nothing wrong with these destinations some may be seeking a more cultural, historical and relaxing break which focuses on reconnecting as a family, exploring somewhere new and enjoying good food in inspiring surroundings. I thought I would share a mini Wishlist of 3 European destinations that are easy to get too, offer great value and give you the opportunity to spend some much deserved time relaxing by a pool and leaving these dreary wet days behind you.

A harbour in Gaza

1. Gozo, Malta

Gozo is one of the three islands that make up Malta and is situated in Mediterranean sea, only a 3hr flight from London. It is smaller, less built up and more remote than the main island but makes for a perfect place to escape and relax. It still offers a lot however for every type of traveller wether you are looking for a romantic break away or want to get active and partake in some sea kayaking or a family looking for sea, sun and sand. These islands are steeped in history as well as offering loads of hikes, sailing and even surfing and both the local transportation and food is very reasonable. Springtime offers lot of sunshine and warm weather and Clickstay have some amazing Villas on Gozo from £550 a week in April such as this beautiful 3 bed farmhouse with private pool that would make the perfect hideaway.

Goza, Malta

2.  Dubrovnik - Croatia

Dubrovnik with it's stunning walled city on the Adriatic Sea is listed on the Unesco World Heritage Site and is regarded as the "pearl of the Adriatic". Its only around 2hrs 45min flight time from the UK and offers travellers sunshine, history and culture all wrapped up in a visually stunning destination that is also very budget friendly. Some may also be interested to hear that Dubrovnik has featured a fair few times as "Kings Landing" in Game of Thrones and there are lots of "thrones tours" on offer for anyone who is a fan of the series. There are also three public beaches near the old town and plenty to see and do a little further afield as well as some fantastic Apartments and Villas to rent at very reasonable prices.

Walled city
Walled City of Dubrovnik 

3. Piran - Slovenia

Some people may not even know that Slovenia which is sandwiched between Italy and Croatia has a coastline, it's a small coastline but a very beautiful one at that and Piran being the most quaint and visual inspiring of them all. To get to Piran the easiest way is to do the 2 hour flight to the capital of Ljubliana and hire a car and drive down taking in the stunning rural countryside. Piran town is easy to walk and explore and is a very quite and relaxed place where taking in the sunset on the waterfront with a drink is hand is a must as well as a climb to the top of the city walls to get a panoramic view across the coast. There are only a few hotels in Piran but there are plenty of apartments and private lets in the area which are great if your travelling as a larger group or with family.

Slovenia Coastline

All three of these destinations are budget friendly, suitable for families and offer not only time to spend by the coastline but also historical and cultural discoveries and are a little different from the normal springtime sunshine breaks.

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  1. This was a awesome one. Thank you for sharing this. I loved reading it. essay

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by and so glad you liked the post

      Laura x

  2. Really love this - Piran looks like a great spot to getaway and enjoy from down time

    Alice x

  3. Dubrovnik has been on my list for ages now! I'd not really thought of Slovenia, but it looks pretty too.

  4. I haven't been to any of these places yet, they all look a wonderful place to relax.

  5. I have such a travel bug but no money, this has made me even more keen to jet off! :)

  6. I wanna visit Malta now, that room looks lush! Nice post

  7. Piran is lovely. We flew to Trieste in Italy and caught a bus from there to the Slovenia coast, only 30 miles apart. Trieste itself is also well worth a visit.

  8. I love the sound of Piran, the only one of the three that I have never come across before x

  9. Wow great suggestions, Dubrovnik has been on my radar for a while but Gozo and Piran look equally lovely! :)

  10. We loved Dubrovnik, had a lovely time exploring the old town and kayaking around the beaches. I would really recommend anyone go visit, I think it would make a lovely family holiday!

  11. Great suggestions, I really want to visit Malta x


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