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Growing up, our home was always a place that celebrated design, my mother went back to college when I was around 10yrs old to do an Interior Design qualification and she often offered advice as well as setting up her own workshop producing guided frames for high end interior stores. As you can imagine our walls became an extension of that and certainly not a space that was overlooked, from framed tapestry they had picked up on their travels to prints picked up at auction houses and even on or two commissioned pieces, art was always in our lives.

Art in the home

The walls of our homes offer so much vertical space, space that can be dressed up to our liking and there are so many great reasons why we should as it's the perfect way to showcase your interests and personality. Here are a few simple ways to bring Art into your home

1. Start off with some Black and White classics - if your a little afraid of bright colours or clashing with your furniture then going monochrome is always a good place to start, opting for an iconic image such as one of the Vogue 100 covers or even an one of your own photographs.

Vogue photo

2. Cluster artwork together - if you have a few smaller prints or there is a particular artist that you love then why not cluster a few images together making a statement wall.

3. Showcase your interests, for example if your a major movie buff or have a passion for music then why not frame a album cover or movie poster and King and McGaw have a fantastic selection

boogie beet

4. Utilise all your wall space - the great thing about hanging up art is you can break the rules, with an array of shapes and sizes why not get creative and think of innovative areas to hang your work of art. Why not have a huge print in the restroom or at the top of your stairway?

5. Inspire yourself with some typography, there is an array of positive quotes and sayings around that you could either print yourself or go for a large size from a designer or online store.

Loving quote

6. Celebrate travel by framing a map of your favourite city or a collection of travel images that are not only visually beautiful but double up as a memory wall. We have just purchased and framed a large world map print for our sons room as he has a fascination with countries and continents and not only does is look fantastic but it's also educational.

Map print

It's really simple and don't be scared, even if it's a little trial and error, use your wall space as an extension of yourself, your likes, passions and interests and basically have fun with it.

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  1. I'm redecorating my home and I love shopping for art! I just go for what I love!


    1. Thanks for stopping by Rebecca and I agree - go for what you love

      Laura x

  2. This post makes me want to redecorate. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I love modern art so we have some funky prints in our kitchen. We also have some cool black and white travel prints of New York in our lounge.

  4. I love hanging art on my walls and I change it around often to suit how I feel. How great that your mum went back to college, I bet interior design was a fabulous course. Have a lovely Sunday. x

  5. We're really big on art in our house too, I think it's because I grew up surrounded by prints and paintings and I've always treasured my pieces of art just as much as my furniture! My aunt's an artist and my grandmother was an artist, so some of my favourite pieces have been paintings of theirs. I'm currently lusting after a huge printed map turned into a piece of geometric art for our new bedroom. Just need to save up for it!

  6. I've loved shopping for new art since we moved house!

  7. I could hang so much from the Vogue 100 covers collection. Great tips thanks xx

  8. I am a massive prints fan and we counted the other day and we have over 110 frames on the wall of our home- which is pretty crazy! I think great art can really make the difference to a room. x


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