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We had such an amazing evening out on friday as we did our first family trip to the Theatre to see Madagascar Live in Cardiff, I had taken  little Mr A to the cinema and a few puppet shows but we have never gone to a full scale production with John in tow. We were so excited, in fact during the day I didn't know what to do with myself so we planned a little trip to Bristol Aquarium first, which meant little Mr A had a good sleep on the way back to Cardiff and he was ready for his first big night out.

Aquarium fun

Before the show we had a quick jacket potato fill us up with energy and made our way over to MotorPoint Area, the place was buzzing with excitement, children and parents all waiting for the show to start. Mr A kept shouting at the curtains to open as I had been telling him we were going to see a zebra, lion, hippo and Giraffe. Our seats were great, three rows from the front in the centre and Mr A spent most of his time either on my lap or Johns as he wanted to make sure he didn't miss a thing.

The Show 

Madagascar Live was a very small but talented cast with all the principals being from America. They al had amazing voices and the production level was extremely high with amazing sets than ran smoothly from one scene to another. It was so fun and colourful and a wonderful show not only for children but for anyone who is a fan of the film. The cast portrayed the characters of Alex the lion, Melman the giraffe, Marty the zebra and Gloria the hippo so well and it was not hard to get lost in the fun and imagination of it all. We also loved the penguins with their smart plotting escape antics and of course King Julian the king of the Lemurs - I think everyone in the audience had been waiting for him to see "I like to move it move it" which of course me and little Mr A stood up and danced too with huge smiles on our face.

West end show

Little Mr A Fixated

West End show

I can honestly say that little Mr A was mesmerised the whole time and we really didn't want the show to end and as soon as it did we wanted to come and watch it again - a real pleasure for the whole family. Cannot give enough praise to the professionalism of the cast, it truly was an enjoyable night out.
Madagascar Live is currently touring the UK and you can find more information about dates and shows at www.madlive.co.uk

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  1. It sounds as though you all had a wonderful time, especially little Mr A - he looks truly amazed! I can't wait to take my toddler to her first show this year.

    Lydia x


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