Campervan dreaming


A few years ago I spent the best part of a summer living out of a very small combo van, it was a great carefree time, I travelled the length and breath of the UK from the West Coast of Scotland right down to lands end. The van eventually gave up and we had to part our separate ways but ever since then I have dreamed of getting another campervan, a proper one, one that the whole family can fit in and just the like the two photos below, it wouldn't matter to me if it was a banged up old VW or a really posh one - we would make it home either way.



Here are a few pictures from my trip, with my little red van.

summer fashion
Me in full camper/summer/festival fashion

Finishing a days surfing in Cornwall

Little van
The little red van that could


  1. Campervans are such fun! we have spent many amazing holidays and festivals in our old VW campervan with the children. The biggest problem at the moment is the weather. On a quiet night if you listen carefully, you can hear the her rusting!

  2. oooh looks so cool!
    I always have wanted a van like that!
    must have been amazing!


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