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So with winter on the way, I know, like most I tend to eat a little bit more and become a little less active as the cold takes over and going outside or making it too the gym when it's dark loses it's appeal. However I am determined to keep to my healthy lifestyle, as there is no better feeling than the reward of  clothes fitting perfectly, feeling fit and having the energy to keep going around the clock. Growing up in South Africa, this time of the year we would be going into our summer and enjoying lots of street and beach parties and I try to keep that summer feeling in heart going even when it's snowing. There is plenty of inspiration around especially with the Olympics earlier this year and sport stars being such great role models for healthy living and shows like strictly come dancing where we see people shrink in front of our eyes. A great example of someone who has totally changed there fashion sense and grown into such a chic individual due to an active lifestyle is Kelly Osbourne.

Kelly looks amazing at the moment and a real picture of health

I also love when women take on sports that are more male orientated and not only do well but succeed, so when I came across the fabulous Lacey Jones the model turned poker pro I knew I had to mention her in this post. I have never been to Vegas but John has and he said it's pretty amazing and such an iconic place, whenever I think of it I think Sinatra, Monroe, Fear and loathing and the hangover all moulded into one 24hour party people city and the impressive Lacey Jones takes it all in her stride. She combines style, sport and ambition all into one and seems like a real force to reckon with. Not only does she have those all-american looks but she is bright and has a real business head on her shoulder and is turning herself into somewhat of a brand and it's really inspiring.

Poker player

You can also see a movement of sport style coming from the catwalk to the high street - also inspired by the olympics and some of it is really stylish and would not look out of place on a fun night out. The athleticism look has really found it's place in todays fashion and creates a real strong empowered look. You do have to be careful though when putting a sport inspired look together though as you don't want to look like you just stepped out of the gym with track pants and trainers, you want to have well designed and fitted sport style wear that is sharp, structured and chic.


Lacoste SS 2012
When is comes to the menswear John loves the vintage styling of Ralph Lauren and the traditional sports like cricket, tennis and golf that are captures in his well tailored garments.


  1. Ms Osbourne is look amazing these days. Such a confident lady and really making some major fashion statments and carving out her own career and style. She is indeed tres chic!
    Daisy Dayz

  2. I agree with you and Chantele. I adore pretty much everything Kelly wears. Her boyfriend is a vegan chef which is pretty handy!

  3. i'm in love with kellys look in this post!


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