Ohh la la La Creperie


So we have been meaning to try out La Creperie De Sophie since it opened in the High Street Arcade. I love all things french and have fond memories of the crepes I use to eat on my day off when I lived in the South of France so when living social (similar to groupon) was running an amazing deal a few weeks back I jumped at it, I mean I didn't need and excuse to being with but getting such a good deal we had to try it out. The staff were really friendly and welcoming and I am a true believer that good customer service goes a long way. The inside is light, bright, and french cute and has a really lovely vibe and invites you to take your time, chill out and relax, which is what we did, in the cute little bare brick basement downstairs. We both went for savoury options, mine was a vegetarian combination of red onions, mushrooms, herbs, cheese and salad leaves and Johns was a chicken delight. The crepes felt really authentic and well worth the wait, with all the ingredients being fresh and so yummy. You get great value for money with the portions being quite large - in fact I had to get John to finish mine because I was so full. My soya coffee was also made to perfection and John who is quite the coffee snob also commented on how nice his was.  We will be back for sure and they are now doing Crepe and Cider nights through December - check their website for more information - La Crepe De Sophie

Cardiff Arcades

Vegan cappuccino
Cardiff Arcade

Cardiff mens style

This week we also managed to get out in the autumn sun and spent a few hours in the park collecting pine cones and sticks and all things lovely to add to our nature table we are making for Arthur. I love this time of the year.


Blue sky


  1. Nature table- sounds nice! :)

    I nominated you for an award, please claim it from my blog:



  2. I love the sound of this place. Being from Newport it's rare that when I get the extra time and money that I end up trying somewhere new as it's usually somewhere child friendly where I know the girls will eat! I'm going to have to convince my boyfriend that this is the best place to go for a birthday lunch!

    Laura xo

  3. I know exactly what you mean, we have a little one and suddenly the options of eating out become smaller and smaller and have to be child friendly and fit around them, but this place is really reasonable as we have very little free cash so I would recommend it :)


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