Instgram Barber boys and Canvas love


So it's been a while since I have done an instagram post, and feel it's time to share from recent outings with all you lovely blog readers. I also realised that I have never really shared where John works and thought it would be nice to show him in his traditional barber glory.

John giving a cut throat shave
John and Ieuan, the barber boys, John cutting Ieuan's hair and the out come

penny loafers
Shoe and sock love
Zizzi pizza
The perfect combination
artistic photography
The sun always seems to shine on the other side of the Severn Bridge, on my way to Stroud

deck chair
Arthur enjoying Parc - in Cardiff

We were asked by Bags of Love to do a review of their Canvas prints which we said yes too as we were planning to have a print done for Arthurs second birthday. Also having a degree in Photography I feel I can give a well educated review of the product. The first thing that I was very pleased with was that the wood used to stretch the canvas is FSC approved which means it comes from responsibly managed forests, which for me was a major plus. Last year we had a canvas made for Johns parents and I remember it taking a really long time from ordering to the product arriving and I know that good things come to those who wait but their appeared to be no different in quality from ours to their and with Bags of Love if the canvas is ordered before 2pm it's sent the same day!!! Which is amazing as we got our Canvas within two days of ordering, which was super fast and they set their delivery fee to £3.95 no matter how large the canvas or how many you order.

The colours were well calibrated and the lines sharp and it comes with a lifetime guarantee, we were both very impressed and now have a lovely image that we will keep forever

Canvas print

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