Sunday Instagram Lovelies


 So every week or so I love to share our instagrams from little moments captured. It's been a starnge week, one day raining next day sunny, so it's been filled with BBQ's, cider, walk in the parks, puddles, dens and yummy food. I find that since I don't really drink - one drink is more than enough for me, I then like to make my one special and try new things like the Elderflower cider or organic cider.

Red lipgloss
Trying out some new red lipgloss and elderflower cider
Den making
A pleasant Cardiff evening walk and making den's outside

Falafel hotdog
My new charity shop Queenie mug and veggie falafel hotdog roll

Wyld wood
Very yummy organic cider
Playing in puddles

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  1. Hi there, both mum and son look very cool, that puddle shot is incredible, I love that you can create so much drama from a child wading through a puddle! Sharon xx

  2. yum that falafel hot dog looks amazing!

  3. I agree that falafel hot dog looks incredible! I really need to try that! Looks like you had a wonderful Sunday...thanks for stopping by SITS and leaving a comment on my feature :) Already following you here, and off to find you on Instagram...!

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