Autum will soon be in the air


I cannot believe it as soon as you think the sun is around to stay is disappears again...summer is soon going to be over and it's as if it never really got started. You can see the change in the shops, with the new arrivals of Autumn and Winter collections slowly trickling in. I am determined to not be caught out this year as I found that winter appeared out of nowhere last year and I was under prepared with regards to a nice warm, practical and stylish jacket. I have finally learnt over the years that when it comes to a winter jacket you really do need to invest in a quality item that not only looks good but keeps you warm and preferably dry. I always think the French get this spot on and I always think of Parisian ladies in their quintessential Pea Coats and Macs. This year though I am going to go for a more British Look as it only seems fitting to embrace Britannia when we have so much to celebrate at the moment. I am thinking countryside, wax jackets, tweed and quilted patterns and some big knits thrown in for good measure.

British Countryside
Joules Navy Blue Quilted jacket £90
Parka Jacket
Firetrap Fortress Green Jacket £74
Barbour International Union Jack waxed Jacket £259
Vintage tweed
Barbour Vintage Tweed Quilted Jacket £119
Vintage Jacket
French Connection £78
VOI Blue Gilet £45


  1. Hi there! Thanks for the follow, glad I found you, what a great strap-line for your blog!These are super stylish picks for non frilly gals like me, top and bottom have a great vibe. Sharon xx

    p.s me following you too x

  2. I love the Joules jacket- they do such beautiful wellies too! I love Barbour and keeping it English too- I think I have too many coats, I like to have one for all occasions.


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