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So it's that time again - instagram lovelies from the past few weeks and what a busy few weeks they have been with our "mini" summer heat wave, Olympic torch tour and the Queens jubilee...so lot's to celebrate. Since the sun decided to come out the first thing I did (like everyone else) was try and find a paddling pool for arthur to cool down in, which was difficult as nearly all the shops had sold out. John and I have also been trying to spend as much time together as his job at the moment means long hours so the time we do get has to be quality time and I love the photo of him and Arthur. It has always been a week of getting back to things I love such as playing my guitar and listening to records and cooking healthy meals from scratch like the vegetarian curry. I also decided to give the Graze boxes a go...to be honest it wasn't as healthy as I thought with focaccia bread, buttery flapjacks and a bombay mix...none of my five a day :( so I am not sure if I will be carrying on with them.

Time together is well spent.
I love this photo
I need to make more time for my favourite friend...my guitar
British curry
The Queen and homemade curry - two British staples

The sun finally came out and has since dissapeared for the rest of the year 
Graze box...hmmm still not sure.


  1. Looks like you've been having a lovely time! the homemade curry looks fab x

  2. We love the graze box around here. It's a bit of a fight to see who gets to it first. Thanks for stopping by on my SITS day. xx


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