Cath Kidston Bag


So for about a year now I have just been using my ASOS military backpack as a changing bag but through so much wear and tear it has finally given up and no longer closes properly and has holes everywhere so it was time for an upgrade. John came home the other day with a surprise gift and it was so beautifully wrapped. The bag is from Cath Kidston and was possibly something I would not have chosen myself as it's somewhat yummy mummy (a myth I don't subscribe to) but its very well made durable and practical with a bottle holder and integrated mat and would also double up well as a weekend away bag and the print has really grown on me :)

Cath Kidston

Cath Kidston bag


  1. I love them and you're right, they are very durable. The brand has been adopted by yummy mummy types but I a still love it and how it's quaint and British x

  2. I totally adore Cath Kidston - so I think your new bag is wonderful!


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