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There is nothing better than taking a stroll through an area famed for it's fashion, whether a city close to home or somewhere exotic and overseas. Here is a short list of five of the most famed fashion districts of the world, each renowned for it's attitude and originality towards style. I never need much of an excuse to travel, it's one of my favourite things to do and it's always great to see the street styles of the world. So credit cards ready, a chic outfit on and even if your just window shopping, go out and be inspired.


Milan is a city whose name is synonymous with fashion. The second largest in Italy (after Rome), it boasts amazing Cathedrals and Museums and is also the home of Leonardo Di Vinci's The Last Supper. Milan is famous for it's brand named shoes and cutting-edge catwalk fashion, and as the name suggests it's also home to Milan Fashion week which happens twice a year.

But beware, when I was there on a  backpacking trip through Europe, the local citizens of Milan tend to be extremely well dressed even if they are just going to the supermarket. You might end up spending a fortune trying to keep up. Although they also have a create indie fashion scene inspired by street art and skateboarding.

Large D&G advert at Milan Central station from when I was there last.

Shibuya, Tokyo

Tokyo is on my bucket list of places to go to before I die and with good reason. Tokyo is a city of contrasts, with ancient shrines and massive shopping centres sitting next door to each other. Here you could end up shelling out a small fortune on a costume made Kimono, as many store bought traditional clothes won't fit Western bodies, although since I am only 5ft I am hoping this won't be the case for me!

Shibuya is home to the famous scramble crossing. Surrounded by bright lights and gigantic TV screens, you can shop in the same place the Harajuku Girls and Shibuya gals get their often out-there and highly creative clothing. The younger crowd of shoppers in Tokyo are famed for their amazing eclectic street fashion and you can always use your charge or credit card to by some of Japans iconic frilly gothic fashion.

Tokyo street style from Tokyo Fashion

Fifth Avenue, New York

Ahh who wouldn't want to have an unlimited budget and go wild on Fifth Avenue? Even me who is very much into thrift stores and independent fashion wouldn't mind.
New York is a city so synonymous with shopping that it's frequently the primary reason people visit. Although I am very much into seeing the cultural sites of a city and getting a real feel for a city, luckily fifth avenue sits alongside attractions such as the Empire State building and you could also pick up a hot dog from the street vendor for a more authentic feel.

Like the American population in general, New York fashion has a bit of everything thrown in and creates an amazing melting pot of creativity and freedom with individuality seen daily on the streets with amazing home grown creations.

New York Street Style via Refinery 29

Soho, London

London, the world famous and busy metropolis that sits on the River Thames, zigzags between the tailored suits of Savile row and the punks of Camden Town.No district sums this up better than Soho, which mixes sleazy and sublime in one area. London is definitely one of the most cosmopolitain cities in the UK where every taste is catered too, whether your into preppy fashion, vintage or high-end. The highlight of this fashion capital has got to be London Fashion Week which happens twice a year and draws hundreds of designers, models and bloggers and I have been lucky enough to go a few times and attend some amazing shows.

Street style London

Street style London
Street Style pictures at London Fashion week taken by me.

West Bank, Paris

Who hasn't dreamt of living in Paris. I know I have, I have been lucky enough to work and live in the South of France for a few months when I was travelling, although Paris is where I would love to be if only I could speak fluent French! The women in this city seem to grow old so gracefully and with such style and the youth have such an eye for well structured pieces and perfectly fitted clothing as well as an excellent rock-chic look. In all the times I have been to the city I haven't had a chance to visit the famed Colette store which stocks some really famous labels including Bape, Erdem, Mary Katrantzou, Marc Jacobs,

I love Paris anytime of the year.

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